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Re: Yearless copyrights: what do people think?

Quoting Daniel Baumann (2023-02-22 14:30:11)
> On 2/22/23 13:55, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > As a redistributor I find it a good practice to include most possible
> > copyright and licensing information provided by upstream authors,
> > exactly because we are doing a service for our users
> while having copyright information centrally available per package in
> d/copyright is definitly a usefull service, is providing the *years*
> really a service worth providing?
> personally I don't think so: for packages with non-trivial d/copyright,
> it's a significant effort to keep the years in sync with the upstream
> sources.

Ensuring that debian/copyright stays correct take some effort, but that
is required to re-examine anyway for each new upstream release.

I dare question that examining copyright *years* in particular is
noticably larger effort than the general required examination.

> (and I doubt that all our source packages have accurate d/copyright,
> even less so when it comes to the year-information.)

I agree, but is not really relevant for this discussion (which I guess
is also the reason you put that in paranthesis). :-)

> > and it is a slight disservice to omit information that upstream put
> > effort into tracking and publishing.
> If years would be omited in d/copyright, it's not that the information
> is hidden/nowhere else.
> Also if I would want to know the copyright information of a certain
> file, I'd check d/copyright for a first glance, but then always check
> the individual source file, even if it's just to be sure/double check.
> I don't think that the "niche" use-case of wanting to know the
> year-information (everything else should be in d/copyright anyway) is
> worth the (continued) maintenance costs in d/copyright.

I am genuinely interested in understanding what trouble you experience
collecting that information.  Is it perhaps because you for some reason
cannot or will not use licensecheck?  While ertainly not perfect but,
licensecheck in my experience currently adequately identifies, collects,
and merges copyright years.

If you prefer moving such conversation to a smaller audience, then I
encourage filing bugreports against licensecheck (or pointing at
bugreports already covering your points that I might have missed).

 - Jonas

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