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Hi Ansgar,

On Fri, Feb 24, 2023 at 08:02:35AM +0100, Ansgar wrote:
> The name is too specific and can be misread:
> - It is specific to -Werror, but other similar systems exist.
> - It can be easily read an "now error" (i.e., a warning
>   should "now (be an) error").

Fair point. I am unimagintaive about better terms at present.

> Also I think it was recommended to *not* use -Werror by default as it
> is too fragile. Maybe one should have a "developer mode" flag instead
> that allows using -Werror?

Well, if we were avoiding -Werror by default, we wouldn't have this
discussion. It certainly isn't consensus.

 * acpid
 * blktrace
 * bomstrip
 * breeze-plymouth
 * cbmc
 * cryptsetup
 * diagnostics
 * dumpet
 * glibc
 * golang-gvisor-gvisor
 * libgadu
 * libutempter
 * nss
 * quotatool
 * smcroute
 * spiped
 * switchsh
 * varnish

 * grml-debootstrap
 * josm-installer
 * kdump-tools
 * python-sshoot
 * sshcommand
 * uwsgi

Admittedly, we also have a fair number of packages that explicitly
disable -Werror, so we also don't have consensus on applying -Werror.

Given this non-consistency, I'm asking for a way to opt out, but I'd
also be happy if this really was off by default and interested people
would opt in. This does have a precedent with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=terse
where we effectively settled on verbose by default.


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