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Re: Bug#1031634: ITP: gum -- A tool for glamourous shell scripts

* Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> [2023-02-22 23:33]:
>     >> A tool for glamorous shell scripts. Leverage the power of
>     >> Bubbles (https://github.com/charmbracelet/bubbles) and Lip
>     >> Gloss (https://github.com/charmbracelet/lipgloss) in your
>     >> scripts and aliases without writing any Go code!
>     >> Gum provides highly configurable, ready-to-use utilities to
>     >> help you write  useful shell scripts and dotfiles aliases
>     >> with just a few lines of code.
>     Antonio> This last paragraph above looks like a good enough package
>     Antonio> description.  Save everything else for an upstream README
>     Antonio> installed on /usr/share/doc/gum/, or some other type of
>     Antonio> documentation.
> I disagree.

With what?  Antonio said "last paragraph".  The links to Bubbles and
Lip Gloss are not in the last paragraph.  The last paragraph does look
alright to me, if a bit vague on what kind of utilities, so a brief
description of Bubbles and Lip Gloss does seem useful to add.

> I should not have to chase down links to  websites to understand a
> description

No disagreement there.

> Please include a phrase or two describing each of bubbles and gloss.

No disagreement there -- if they are mentioned in the description.

- FC

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