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On Fri, Feb 24, 2023 at 07:19:41AM +0100, Helmut Grohne wrote:
>  * A package adds -Werror to the build. When a new toolchain version is
>    uploaded, it triggers a new warning and that makes the package FTBFS.
> When building affected packages with more recent toolchains, such build
> failures are annoying. In a bootstrap setting, they hide later problems.
> For that reason, I would like to have a standard way to opt out of such
> failures. I understand that some of the warnings may be pointing at real
> bugs and that ignoring them certainly is a compromise. I also understand
> that packages may fail to build for other reasons with new toolchains
> (e.g. missing #includes). However, -Werror has proven to be quite
> repetitive and seems worthwhile to address to me.
> As such, I propose a generic DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nowerror modelled after
> the original observation,
> So let me know if you think this is a bad idea.

What you describe is an RC bug as soon as the more recent toolchain
becomes default, and the correct solution is to not build with -Werror. 

DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nowerror would imply that building with -Werror
by default would be OK, but there are already too many FTBFS due
to -Werror.

DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=werror as standard name for an opt-in option for CI 
builds would be a better solution.

> Examples:
> * glibc adds -Werror

glibc does not use the default gcc, which avoids most of the problems 
you are worried about (but is not a general solution).

> Helmut


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