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Re: Consensus on closing old bugs

On Mon, Feb 06, 2023 at 10:07:59AM -0700, Sam Hartman wrote:
> Most of us do not prefer to close bugs simply because they are old.

It creates angry users and no real benefits.

> But closing bugs with a moreinfo tag when information has not been
> provided in six months to a year is likely fine.

Only if the bug closer is aware that the BTS does not Cc the submitter
by default, and checks first whether the question was ever sent to the
submitter (quite often it was not).

> So is asking for more info and adding a moreinfo tag when appropriate.
> It's even appropriate to ask if the bug still happens.

I would consider it abusive behaviour if the person asking the user does 
not have the intention of trying to fix the bug if the answer is "yes".

Our user might be spending hours or days trying to give a good reply,[1]
expecting a serious attempt at fixing the bug in exchange for the effort.

It is bad enough that we are often not good at trying to resolve bugs 
where users have sometimes spent considerable effort at writing a good
bug report, but asking users to do pointless work would be horrible.


[1] especially if asked "Does the problem still happen in unstable?",
    only a small minority of our users are using unstable

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