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Re: 32bit arch packages are built with wrong ownership due to fakeroot bug

El 9/2/23 a las 15:37, Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues escribió:
I wanted to bring fakeroot bugs #1023286 and #1030638 to the attention of a
wider audience because even though I filed these bugs,

Thanks for bringing this up!

Can you confirm if all this is correct?

- Only packages uploaded after 2022-08-07 (when glibc 2.34 hit unstable)
are potentially affected.

- Packages with "Rules-Requires-Root: no" are never affected.

- No intervention from individual maintainers is required for fixing this,
as we already have a binNMU mechanism which we already use for transitions.

- A minor observation: Only packages which use dh_fixperms with -X (or --exclude)
are apparently affected. Those which instead do chmod/chown after dh_fixperms
are apparently not affected, at least after the first fakeroot bug (2022-11)
was fixed.


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