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Kurumsal Sosyalitenizin Farkında Mısınız? "Browserified" stuff "Browserified" stuff (knot-resolver-module-http: please package embedded epoch.js separately) "Dear Customer" spam in the BTS "PIE by default" transition is underway -- wiki needs updating 3-D Secure Aktualisierung Stretch freeze and the possible future upload of MATE 1.18 [Artwork] Survey for the default artwork for Stretch Re: [buildd] unexpected FTBFS on amd64 buildd «binet» Re: [buildd] unexpected FTBFS on amd64 buildd «binet» [buildd] unexpected FTBFS on amd64 buildd «binet» [MBF]: json_checker testsuite, likely licensed "Good not Evil" Re: [Pkg-dns-devel] Bug#833309: "Browserified" stuff (knot-resolver-module-http: please package embedded epoch.js separately) Re: [Pkg-dns-devel] Bug#833309: Bug#833309: "Browserified" stuff (knot-resolver-module-http: please package embedded epoch.js separately) Re: [pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#840669: Beware of leftover gpg-agent processes (was: Re: Changes for GnuPG in debian) Re: [pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#840669: Beware of leftover gpg-agent processes Re: [pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#840669: Beware of leftover gpg-agent processes (was: Re: Changes for GnuPG in debian) Re: [pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#840669: Bug#840669: Beware of leftover gpg-agent processes Re: Alternative solution Re: Alternative solution (was: Re: Network access during build) Architecture qualification meeting, scheduling Assado de Tira com Purê de Mandioquinha Autogenerated -dbgsym packages made my package by REJECTed Re: Automating importing sso certificates into chromium/chrome awesome, it's done! (Re: When should we https our mirrors?) Re: backup server running out of space Beware of leftover gpg-agent processes (was: Re: Changes for GnuPG in debian) Bug#820036: Key replacement and revocation Bug#820036: No bug mentioning a Debian KEK and booting use it. Re: Bug#835533: dasher: Please package Dasher 5.0 beta Re: Bug#837478: "PIE by default" transition is underway -- wiki needs updating Re: Bug#837606: general: system freeze Re: Bug#839210: ITP: bash-unit -- bash unit testing enterprise edition framework for professionals Bug#839279: ITP: gocryptfs -- Encrypted overlay filesystem written in Go Bug#839285: ITP: pnmixer -- Simple mixer application for system tray Bug#839288: ITP: php-net-idna2 -- PHP library for handling international domain names Bug#839395: ITP: golang-github-jacobsa-crypto -- Some additional Go cryptography routines Bug#839398: ITP: libdbix-class-optimisticlocking-perl -- Optimistic locking support for DBIx::Class Bug#839402: ITP: golang-github-rfjakob-eme -- EME wide-block encryption for Go Bug#839534: ITP: libio-async-loop-mojo-perl -- Perl module to use IO::Async with Mojolicious Bug#839540: ITP: ace-link -- selecting a link to jump to Bug#839561: ITP: libdbix-class-schema-config-perl -- Credential Management for DBIx::Class Bug#839562: ITP: libmojolicious-plugin-assetpack-perl -- Compress and convert css, less, sass, javascript and coffeescript files Bug#839568: ITP: libmojolicious-plugin-renderfile-perl -- "render_file" helper for Mojolicious Bug#839569: ITP: libselenium-remote-driver-perl -- Perl Client for Selenium Remote Driver Bug#839572: ITP: libtest-time-perl -- Overrides the time() and sleep() core functions for testing Bug#839644: ITP: gitless -- version control system on top of Git Bug#839699: ITP: clod -- Configuration Language Organised (by) Dots Bug#839703: ITP: lua-scrypt -- Lua binding to libscrypt Bug#839744: ITP: PyMOC -- Python Multi-Order Coverage map library Bug#839748: ITP: golang-gopkg-flosch-pongo2.v3 -- Django-syntax like template-engine for Go Bug#839782: ITP: sagenb-export -- Convert SageNB Notebooks Bug#839826: ITP: neutron-dynamic-routing -- OpenStack Neutron Dynamic Routing Bug#839836: ITP: dasher -- A graphical predictive text input system Bug#839877: ITP: uftrace -- Traces and analyzes execution of programs written in C/C++ Bug#839915: ITP: crac -- integrated RNA-Seq read analysis Bug#839943: ITP: lxqt-build-tools -- Set of scripts required to build LXQt desktop environment Bug#839964: ITP: ace-window -- selecting a window to switch to Bug#839980: ITP: golang-github-hlandau-buildinfo -- Go build information utilities Bug#839981: ITP: golang-github-hlandau-dexlogconfig -- logging configuration package for Go Bug#839996: ITP: rozofs -- Scale-out NAS file system Bug#840066: ITP: lxhotkey -- Lightweight global keyboard shortcuts configurator Bug#840074: ITP: ert-async-el -- asynchronous tests for the Emacs ERT testing framework Bug#840106: ITP: libjs-jquery-colorpicker -- full-featured colorpicker for jQuery UI Bug#840116: ITP: libjs-jquery-fixedtableheader -- fixing header row of HTML table Bug#840131: ITP: qpid-java -- message-oriented middleware AMQP message broker written in Java Bug#840133: ITP: puppet-module-oslo -- Puppet module for OpenStack oslo lib using components Bug#840160: ITP: mullvad-client -- client for VPN service Mullvad Bug#840196: ITP: node-ebnf-parser -- parser for BNF and EBNF grammars used by jison Bug#840210: ITP: node-json-parse-helpfulerror -- A drop-in replacement for JSON.parse that uses `jju` Bug#840214: ITP: node-cjson -- Commented JavaScript Object Notation Bug#840253: ITP: openqa: automated test tool to test the whole installation process of an OS Bug#840257: ITP: mali-driver -- Mali GPU binary drivers Bug#840263: ITP: tendermint-go-clist -- goroutine-safe linked-list implementation Bug#840292: ITP: node-esutils -- utility box for ECMAScript language tools Bug#840297: ITP: node-estraverse -- ECMAScript JS AST traversal functions Bug#840301: ITP: node-deep-is -- node's assert.deepEqual algorithm except for NaN being equal to NaN Bug#840319: ITP: mistral-dashboard -- OpenStack Workflow Service - dashboard plugin Bug#840361: ITP: fonts-pt-astra -- metric-compatible Times New Roman and Arial alternatives Bug#840366: RFP: libsignal-protocol-c -- ratcheting forward secrecy protocol for synchronous and asynchronous messaging Bug#840371: ITP: git-repo -- CLI utility to manage git services from your workspace Bug#840386: ITP: osinfo-db -- Operating system database files Bug#840387: ITP: osinfo-db-tools -- operating system database tools Bug#840406: ITP: node-fast-levenshtein -- Efficient implementation of Levenshtein algorithm with locale-specific collator support Bug#840411: ITP: node-type-check -- type-check allows you to check the types of JavaScript values at runtime with a Haskell like type syntax. Bug#840415: ITP: node-levn -- Light ECMAScript (JavaScript) Value Notation - human written, concise, typed, flexible Bug#840427: ITP: rt-extension-sla -- Service Level Agreements for RT Bug#840449: ITP: node-deep-eql -- Improved deep equality testing for Node.js and the browser. Bug#840453: ITP: node-optionator -- option parsing and help generation Bug#840487: ITP: node-assertion-error -- Error constructor for test and validation frameworks that implements standardized AssertionError specification. Bug#840491: ITP: node-jsonstream -- streaming JSON.parse and stringify Bug#840493: ITP: node-prelude-ls -- is a functionally oriented utility library. Bug#840497: ITP: node-assert -- simple assertion library for javascript Bug#840505: ITP: node-samsam -- Value identification and comparison functions Bug#840508: ITP: node-lolex -- Fake JavaScript timers Bug#840509: ITP: python-gimmik -- generator of matrix multiplication kernels Bug#840514: ITP: node-livescript -- LiveScript is a language which compiles to JavaScript Bug#840518: ITP: node-formatio -- Human-readable object formatting Bug#840519: ITP: pakcs -- The Portland Aachen Kiel Curry System Bug#840532: ITP: curry-frontend -- Lexer, parser, type checker, etc. for the programming language Curry Bug#840535: ITP: jquery-typeahead.js -- Type-ahead autocompletion plugin for jQuery Bug#840537: ITP: curry-libs -- Standard libraries of the Curry distributions PAKCS and KiCS2 Bug#840538: ITP: libcatmandu-store-elasticsearch-perl -- Elasticsearch store for the Catmandu data toolkit Bug#840539: ITP: curry-tools -- Tools that are used by different Curry systems, like PAKCS or KiCS2 Bug#840549: ITP: emacs-web-server -- pure elisp HTTP server Bug#840551: ITP: elfeed -- Emacs Atom/RSS feed reader Bug#840583: ITP: es-module-loader-0.17.js -- Polyfill and low-level API for the WhatWG loader spec Bug#840588: ITP: golang-github-lunny-log -- A compatible log extension Bug#840597: ITP: pyflame -- CPU profiler and flame graph tool for Python Bug#840604: ITP: node-sinon -- JavaScript test spies, stubs and mocks Bug#840609: ITP: node-pako -- zlib port to javascript - fast, modularized, with browser support Bug#840611: ITP: supple -- Lua strict sandbox Bug#840615: ITP: node-escodegen -- ECMAScript code generator Bug#840616: ITP: node-umd -- Universal Module Definition for use in automated Bug#840631: ITP: picocoin -- A C library for implementing Bitcoin applications Bug#840641: ITP: python-lecm -- letsencrypt certificates manager Bug#840655: O: eldav -- interface to the WebDAV servers for Emacs. Bug#840661: RFP: synaptic -- synaptic Bug#840662: ITP: python-s3transfer -- Amazon S3 Transfer Manager for Python Re: Bug#840669: [pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#840669: Bug#840669: Beware of leftover gpg-agent processes Bug#840670: ITP: python-jsbeautifier -- Beautify, unpack or deobfuscate JavaScript. Handles popular online obfuscators. Bug#840686: ITP: gudhi -- C++ template library for topological data analysis Bug#840688: ITP: r-cran-nleqslv -- GNU R package for solving systems of nonlinear equations Bug#840712: ITP: node-ex-parser -- parser for jison Bug#840713: ITP: node-ansi-font -- ANSI font styling utils Bug#840718: ITP: node-test -- (Un)CommonJS test runner Bug#840724: ITP: gall -- Git Abstraction Layer for Lua Bug#840726: ITP: lace -- Lua Access Control Engine Bug#840738: ITP: patat -- Terminal-based presentations using Pandoc Bug#840773: ITP: node-jsonselect -- CSS-like selectors for JSON Bug#840777: ITP: hotdoc -- documentation tool using CommonMark Bug#840791: ITP: ros-robot-state-publisher -- publish the state of a robot to tf Bug#840803: ITP: golang-github-nicksnyder-go-i18n -- Translate your Go program into multiple languages with templates and CLDR plural support. Bug#840808: ITP: node-jison-lex -- lexical analyzer generator used by jison Bug#840810: ITP: node-jison -- parser generator with Bison's API Bug#840814: ITP: python-bitbucket-api -- library to interact with bitbucket API Bug#840893: ITP: ansible-tower-cli -- command line tool for Ansible Tower Bug#840897: general: framebuffer modules for non-dri graphics cards are not loaded Bug#840907: ITP: winregfs -- Windows registry FUSE filesystem Bug#840915: ITP: -- comprehensive, actively developed and extraordinarily stable wrapper around the GitHub API (v3) Bug#840916: ITP: node-buffer-equal -- return whether two buffers are equal Bug#840917: ITP: tongue -- Lua I18N library 'Tongue' Bug#840918: ITP: node-string-decoder -- The string_decoder module from Node core Bug#840920: ITP: node-buffer-shims -- Functions to make sure the new buffer methods work in older browsers Bug#840924: ITP: node-beeper -- Make your terminal beep Bug#840926: ITP: node-is-buffer -- Determine if an object is a Buffer Bug#840932: ITP: node-repeat-string -- Repeat the given string n times. Bug#840937: ITP: node-kind-of -- Get the native type of a value Bug#840938: ITP: node-to-object-path -- Create an object path from a list or array of strings Bug#840939: ITP: node-set-getter -- Create nested getter properties and any intermediary dot notation paths Bug#840941: ITP: node-lazy-cache -- Cache requires to be lazy-loaded when needed Bug#840944: ITP: node-is-data-descriptor -- Returns true if a value has the characteristics of a valid JavaScript data descriptor Bug#840946: ITP: node-is-number -- Returns true if the value is a number Bug#840964: O: python-django-websocket -- Websocket support for django Bug#840970: ITP: node-is-accessor-descriptor -- Returns true if a value has the characteristics of a valid JavaScript accessor descriptor Bug#840973: ITP: node-is-descriptor -- Returns true if a value has the characteristics of a valid JavaScript descriptor Bug#840976: ITP: gitano -- Gitano - Git service manager Bug#840978: ITP: gibbon -- A GTK+ client for the First Internet Backgammon Server, FIBS Bug#840979: ITP: node-to-regex-range -- Returns a regex-compatible range from two numbers, min and max Bug#840990: ITP: node-is-extendable -- Returns true if a value is any of the object types: array, regexp, plain object, function or date. Bug#840993: ITP: node-define-property -- Define a non-enumerable property on an object Bug#841002: ITP: linum-relative -- display relative line number in Emacs Bug#841005: ITP: fpylll -- Python wrapper for fplll Bug#841035: ITP: ssh-audit -- tool for ssh server auditing Bug#841036: ITP: node-posix-character-classes -- POSIX character classes for creating regular expressions Bug#841037: ITP: node-isobject -- Returns true if the value is an object and not an array or null Bug#841040: ITP: node-object-visit -- Call a specified method on each value in the given object Bug#841042: ITP: node-map-visit -- Map `visit` over an array of objects Bug#841047: ITP: r-hms-dbmi-spp -- GNU R package for processing ChIP-seq & other functional sequencing data Bug#841069: ITP: node-extend-shallow -- Extend an object with the properties of additional objects Bug#841075: ITP: node-collection-visit -- Visit a method over the items in an object, or map visit over the objects in an array Bug#841083: ITP: node-fill-range -- Fill in a range of numbers or letters Bug#841084: ITP: node-arr-union -- Combines a list of arrays, returning a single array with unique values, using strict equality for comparisons Bug#841091: ITP: node-get-value -- Use property paths to get a nested value from an object Bug#841097: ITP: node-repeat-element -- Create an array by repeating the given value n times Bug#841099: ITP: node-has-values -- Returns true if any values exist, false if empty Bug#841104: ITP: cspice -- C implementation of The SPICE Toolkit Bug#841105: ITP: node-copy-descriptor -- Copy a descriptor from object A to object B Bug#841113: ITP: extremetools -- tools for running processes under extreme uid and gid Bug#841122: ITP: libgeo-constants-perl -- standard constants used by Geo perl packages Bug#841125: ITP: libgeo-functions-perl -- standard functions for Geo perl modules Bug#841127: ITP: libgeo-ellipsoids-perl -- standard Geo:: ellipsoid a, b, f and 1/f values Bug#841130: ITP: libgeo-inverse-perl -- module to calculate geographic distance from a lat & lon pair Bug#841136: ITP: sagemath -- Sage: Open Source Mathematical Software Bug#841139: ITP: gajim-triggers -- configure Gajim's behaviour for each contact Bug#841151: ITP: node-isexe -- Minimal module to check if a file is executable Bug#841152: ITP: node-pascalcase -- Convert a string to pascal-case Bug#841154: ITP: node-map-cache -- Basic cache object for storing key-value pairs Bug#841158: ITP: node-is-arrayish -- Determines if an object can be used as an array Bug#841159: ITP: node-filename-regex -- Regular expression for matching file names, with or without extension Bug#841167: ITP: node-normalize-path -- Normalize file path slashes to be unix-like forward slashes Bug#841170: ITP: tendermint-go-logger -- Tendermint Go logging library Bug#841172: ITP: node-glob-parent -- Strips glob magic from a string to provide the parent path Bug#841175: ITP: python-dirq -- Python Directory Based Queue. Bug#841176: ITP: node-inflight -- Add callbacks to requests in flight to avoid async duplication Bug#841177: ITP: node-is-dotfile -- Return true if a file path is (or has) a dotfile Bug#841178: ITP: nutsqlite -- dietary nutrition analysis software Bug#841196: ITP: node-os-homedir -- Node.js 4 `os.homedir()` ponyfill Bug#841200: ITP: node-is-primitive -- Returns `true` if the value is a primitive Bug#841202: ITP: node-pify -- Promisify a callback-style function Bug#841206: ITP: node-fs.realpath -- Use node's fs.realpath Bug#841212: ITP: node-signal-exit -- when you want to fire an event no matter how a process exits Bug#841225: ITP: node-hosted-git-info -- Provides metadata and conversions from repository urls for Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab Bug#841277: ITP: usagestats -- Python module to collect usagestats from users Bug#841279: ITP: golang-github-gogits-go-gogs-client -- Gogs API client in Go. Bug#841293: general: In some cases Fira Sans font doesn't render in browsers Bug#841301: ITP: libwlc -- wlc a compositor library for Wayland Bug#841359: ITP: solarized-emacs -- port of Solarized theme to Emacs Bug#841365: ITP: gnuastro -- Programs and libraries for astronomical data analysis and manipulation Bug#841391: ITP: node-strip-bom -- Strip UTF-8 byte order mark (BOM) from a string Bug#841396: ITP: dascrubber -- alignment-based scrubbing pipeline for DNA sequencing reads Bug#841399: ITP: ibuffer-vc -- group ibuffer list by VC project and show VC status Bug#841400: ITP: fakesleep -- Fake version of time.sleep() for use in tests Bug#841433: ITP: gmat -- Spacecraft mission analysis, desing and simulation Bug#841457: ITP: conversant-disruptor -- Very low latency Java BlockingQueue Bug#841472: ITP: cowpatty -- Offline dictionary attack tool against WPA/WPA2 Bug#841483: ITP: golang-gopkg-macaroon.v1 -- A native Go implementation of macaroons Bug#841485: ITP: node-grunt-legacy-log-utils -- Static methods for the Grunt 0.4.x logger Bug#841523: ITP: libdancer2-plugin-passphrase-perl -- passphrases and passwords as objects for Dancer2 Bug#841534: ITP: puppet-module-barbican -- Puppet module for OpenStack Barbican Bug#841640: ITP: golang-github-urfave-negroni -- Idiomatic HTTP Middleware for Golang Bug#841659: ITP: zzz-to-char -- fancy version of `zap-to-char' command Bug#841718: ITP: libsah-schemas-rinci-perl -- Sah schemas for Rinci Bug#841739: general: unable to suspend Bug#841739: marked as done (general: unable to suspend) Bug#841742: ITP: libwww-form-urlencoded-perl -- parser and builder for application/x-www-form-urlencoded format Bug#841743: ITP: libhttp-multipartparser-perl -- HTTP multipart MIME parser Bug#841745: ITP: libhttp-entity-parser-perl -- PSGI compliant HTTP Entity Parser Bug#841773: ITP: biboumi -- XMPP gateway to IRC Bug#841775: ITP: golang-github-ncw-go-acd -- Go library for accessing Amazon Cloud Drive Bug#841776: ITP: vagrant-digitalocean -- Vagrant provider plugin for DigitalOcean Droplets Bug#841825: ITP: golang-github-stacktic-dropbox -- Go client library for the Dropbox core and Datastore API Bug#841838: ITP: diminish-el -- hiding or abbreviation of the mode line displays of minor-modes Bug#841851: ITP: bind-key -- simple way to manage personal keybindings Re: Bug#841852: Bug#841851: ITP: bind-key -- simple way to manage personal keybindings Bug#841852: ITP: use-package -- use-package declaration for simplifying your .emacs Bug#841892: ITP: golang-github-twstrike-otr3 -- Go implementation of the OTR 3 protocol Bug#841893: ITP: golang-github-gotk3-gotk3 -- Go bindings for GTK3 Bug#841898: ITP: golang-github-hydrogen18-stalecucumber -- Reader and writer for Python's pickle format in Golang Bug#841899: ITP: golang-github-twstrike-gotk3adapter -- adapters and interfaces for gotk3 Bug#841900: ITP: node-builtin-modules -- List of the Node.js builtin modules Bug#841901: ITP: golang-github-thecreeper-go-notify -- implementation of the GNOME DBus Notifications Specification Bug#841902: ITP: golang-github-voxelbrain-goptions -- flexible Go parser for command line options Bug#841905: ITP: golang-github-dhowett-go-plist -- pure Go Apple Property List transcoder Bug#841913: ITP: gnome-shell-extension-refresh-wifi -- keep wifi access point list current in GNOME shell Bug#841920: ITP: gnome-shell-extension-hide-activities -- gnome shell extension that hides the activities button Bug#841943: ITP: bootstrap-datetimepicker -- Date/time picker widget based on twitter bootstrap Bug#841976: ITP: puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod -- Puppet module for managing kmod configuration Bug#841978: ITP: opcua-client-gui -- simple OPC-UA GUI client Bug#841996: ITP: node-repeating -- Repeat a string fast Bug#841998: ITP: node-strip-indent -- Strip leading whitespace from each line in a string Bug#841999: ITP: node-trim-newlines -- Trim newlines from the start and/or end of a string Bug#842000: ITP: node-arr-flatten -- Recursively flatten an array or arrays Bug#842003: ITP: golang-github-tsenart-tb -- generic lock-free implementation of the "Token-Bucket" algorithm Bug#842014: ITP: gnome-shell-extension-impatience -- speed up the gnome-shell animation speed Bug#842024: ITP: node-path-exists -- Check if a path exists Bug#842025: ITP: node-preserve -- Temporarily substitute tokens in the given `string` with placeholders, then put them back after transforming the string. Bug#842028: ITP: node-has-value -- Returns true if a value exists, false if empty Bug#842033: ITP: node-is-plain-object -- Returns true if an object was created by the `Object` constructor Bug#842034: ITP: golang-github-unknwon-goconfig -- configuration file (.ini) parser Bug#842045: ITP: node-is-windows -- Returns true if the platform is-windows Bug#842054: ITP: node-expand-tilde -- Bash-like tilde expansion for node.js Bug#842063: ITP: node-object-copy -- Copy static properties, prototype properties, and descriptors from one object to another Bug#842069: ITP: node-use -- Easily add plugin support to your node.js application Bug#842087: ITP: qspeakers -- loudspeaker design software Bug#842103: ITP: pd-lib-builder -- common build system for Pure Data externals Bug#842107: ITP: ableton-link -- synchronizes musical beat, tempo, and phase across multiple applications running on one or more devices Bug#842111: ITP: jigsaw-generator -- Mathematical jigsaw creation software Bug#842113: ITP: dynomite -- A generic dynamo implementation for different k-v storage engines (memcache and redis) Bug#842123: ITP: node-is-builtin-module -- Check if a string matches the name of a Node.js builtin module Bug#842124: ITP: ruby-test-unit-notify -- test result notify extension for Ruby Test::Unit Bug#842125: ITP: node-currently-unhandled -- Track the list of currently unhandled promise rejections Bug#842127: ITP: node-spdx-license-ids -- A list of SPDX license identifiers Bug#842129: ITP: node-path-type -- Check if a path is a file, directory, or symlink Bug#842131: ITP: node-error-ex -- Easy error subclassing and stack customization Bug#842139: ITP: node-xtend -- extend like a boss Bug#842140: ITP: obs-signd -- open build service signer client and daemon Bug#842162: ITP: anything-sync-daemon -- Anything-sync-daemon (asd) is a tiny pseudo-daemon designed to manage user specified directories referred to as sync targets from here on out, in tmpfs and to periodically sync them back to the physical disc (HDD/SSD). This is accomplished via a symlinking step and an innovative use of rsync to maintain synchronization between a tmpfs copy and media-bound backups. Additionally, asd features several crash recovery features. Bug#842168: ITP: orthanc-wsi -- Whole-slide imaging support for Orthanc (digital pathology) Bug#842175: ITP: node-find-up -- Find a file by walking up parent directories Bug#842181: ITP: node-spdx-expression-parse -- parse SPDX license expressions Bug#842185: ITP: node-spdx-exceptions -- list of SPDX standard license exceptions Bug#842188: ITP: systemfixtures -- Test fixtures providing fake versions of various system resources. Bug#842189: ITP: node-parse-json -- Parse JSON with more helpful errors Bug#842191: ITP: node-is-fullwidth-code-point -- Check if the character represented by a given Unicode code point is fullwidth Bug#842196: ITP: elpa-org-bullets -- show bullets in Org-mode as UTF-8 characters Bug#842200: ITP: node-deprecated -- Tool for deprecating things Bug#842211: ITP: eeshow -- Schematics renderer and viewer for KiCad Bug#842227: ITP: node-loud-rejection -- Make unhandled promise rejections fail loudly instead of the default silent fail Bug#842231: ITP: node-spdx-correct -- correct invalid SPDX identifiers Bug#842241: ITP: node-regex-not -- Create a javascript regular expression for matching everything except for the given string Bug#842243: ITP: node-defaults -- merge single level defaults over a config object Bug#842245: ITP: node-fs-exists-sync -- Drop-in replacement for `fs.existsSync` with zero dependencies Bug#842252: ITP: elpa-eshell-up -- quickly go to a specific parent directory in eshell Bug#842255: ITP: node-set-value -- Create nested values and any intermediaries using dot notation (`'a.b.c'`) paths Bug#842263: ITP: pd-punish -- a collection of hacks for the Pd User Interface Bug#842265: ITP: node-unset-value -- Delete nested properties from an object using dot notation Bug#842274: ITP: node-static-extend -- Adds a static `extend` method to a class, to simplify inheritance Bug#842275: ITP: libstatistics-welford-perl -- Standard statistics using Welford's algorithm Bug#842297: ITP: mapbox-vector-tile -- Mapbox Vector Tile library for Python Bug#842298: ITP: california -- calendar application for GNOME 3 Bug#842306: ITP: falco -- Sysdig Falco is a behavioral activity monitor designed to detect anomalous activity in your applications Bug#842321: ITP: node-indent-string -- Indent each line in a string Bug#842322: ITP: node-load-json-file -- Read and parse a JSON file Bug#842323: ITP: node-validate-npm-package-license -- Tells if a string is a valid npm package license string Bug#842325: ITP: node-arr-diff -- Returns an array with only the unique values from the first array Bug#842328: ITP: node-union-value -- Set an array of unique values as the property of an object Bug#842329: ITP: node-mixin-deep -- Deeply mix the properties of objects into the first object Bug#842332: ITP: node-class-utils -- Utils for working with JavaScript classes and prototype methods Bug#842336: ITP: node-fragment-cache -- A cache for managing namespaced sub-caches Bug#842340: ITP: ruby-jquery-datatables-rails1.12.2 -- jquery datatables for rails Bug#842349: ITP: node-glob-base -- Returns an object with the (non-glob) base path and the actual pattern Bug#842351: ITP: node-is-equal-shallow -- Does a shallow comparison of two objects. Bug#842397: ITP: pd-ableton-link -- integration of Ableton Link into Pure Data Bug#842398: ITP: pd-bandlimited -- bandlimited (non-aliasing) waveform generators for Pure Data Bug#842399: ITP: pd-autopreset -- simple state saving for Pure Data Bug#842401: ITP: pd-upp -- Universal Polyphonic Player for Pure Data The last update was on 07:03 GMT Sun May 24. There are 885 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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