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Re: Bug#841196: ITP: node-os-homedir -- Node.js 4 `os.homedir()` ponyfill

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 08:40:49PM +0530, Pirate Praveen wrote:
>On Tuesday 18 October 2016 07:57 PM, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> /me args at YA tiny JS lump. It's tiny, and wrong. Probably. But it's
>> difficult to tell with such a small "Description". Please add some
>> useful text.
>This is packaged because its a dependency for grunt.

That doesn't fix (or excuse) poor packaging, though.

>> The code, well...
>> 	if (process.platform === 'linux') {
>> 		return home || (process.getuid() === 0 ? '/root' : (user ? '/home/' + user : null));
>> 	}
>> Things are more complicated than that. What exactly is this code meant
>> to be used for?
>It is a dependency for expand-tilde, which it turns comes in the
>dependency chain for grunt.
>I don't particularly enjoy doing this either. Please direct your anger
>at the nodejs developers. I'm doing this only because the packages I
>care (diaspora and gitlab won't be accepted in main, unless I build
>libjs-handlebars and libjs-fuzzaldrin-plus from its source).
>This is Free Software, please send a pull request and convince upstream
>developers whatever you wish.

Life's too short to go and fix all the crap in the world personally,
but we can keep certain minimum standards for what we as a group allow
into Debian. :-(

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