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"Browserified" stuff

severity 817092 serious


we had a discussion inside the FTP Team about the "browserified js"
issue. We understand that "browserified" refers to various changes to
the original source, from concatenating multiple (local and remotely
fetched) files together, arbitary transformations (down to something
akin to compilation), minifying and others. Not all "browserification"
may necessarily use all of those ways.

- "Browserified", even if it may end up editable by others, is not the
  preferred form of modification as upstream uses, as such it is not

- "Browserified" files can be shipped in Debian unmodified, same as (for
  example) PDF files from upstream can. But it is the maintainers
  obligation to ensure that they are rebuildable within Debian, so their
  original source must be provided within the source package or be
  reachable via build-dependencies (in case of concatenations). If this
  can not be done (source or tools missing), they either have to be
  removed or the package must move to either contrib or non-free.

- We acknowledge that it appears to be a big task to provide a proper
  "browserification" environment within Debian. Due to the freeze coming
  up we would understand the Release Team granting an RC exception for
  stretch for such non-sources already in main, with the condition that
  this will not extend to another release.

bye, Joerg (the ftpmaster behind the curtain)

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