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Re: [Pkg-dns-devel] Bug#833309: "Browserified" stuff (knot-resolver-module-http: please package embedded epoch.js separately)

Gentlemen (arguing over and over) and ladies (watching this thread),

[as code speaks more than words...]

to stop you from bickering on and on, the build script can be
just from reading gulpfile.js and would consist of installing ruby-sass,
coffeescript and node-uglify and running:

# I absolutely new nothing about gulp, coffeescript, sass and uglify 15
minutes ago...

coffee -b -c \
	src/epoch.coffee \
	src/core/context.coffee \
	src/core/util.coffee \
	src/core/d3.coffee \
	src/core/format.coffee \
	src/core/chart.coffee \
	src/core/css.coffee \
	src/data.coffee \
	src/model.coffee \
	src/basic.coffee \
	src/basic/*.coffee \
	src/time.coffee \
	src/time/*.coffee \
	src/adapters.coffee \

cat \
	src/epoch.js \
	src/core/context.js \
	src/core/util.js \
	src/core/d3.js \
	src/core/format.js \
	src/core/chart.js \
	src/core/css.js \
	src/data.js \
	src/model.js \
	src/basic.js \
	src/basic/*.js \
	src/time.js \
	src/time/*.js \
	src/adapters.js \
	src/adapters/*.js \
	> dist/js/epoch.js

uglifyjs dist/js/epoch.js > dist/js/epoch.min.js

sass -t compact sass/epoch.scss > dist/css/epoch.css
sass -t compressed sass/epoch.scss > dist/css/epoch.css

If you insist I can add build.sh script to the missing-source, but
that's a new information for me that we are now doing distro
just for hipsters that can't read and write more than one twitter
message at the time, and can't read a simple makefile.

Ondřej Surý <ondrej@sury.org>
Knot DNS (https://www.knot-dns.cz/) – a high-performance DNS server
Knot Resolver (https://www.knot-resolver.cz/) – secure, privacy-aware,
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On Thu, Oct 20, 2016, at 11:17, Bas Wijnen wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 09:07:26AM +0200, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> > gulp is just a glorified make and doesn't compile anything on its own.
> If make wouldn't be in main, any program using it in its build process
> would
> also not be allowed in main.  The options would be to package make, or to
> change the build system so it works without it.
> It doesn't matter if the tool is complex.  If it's used and it isn't in
> main,
> the program cannot be in main.
> (And "I don't use it, because upstream did it for me" means you're not
> building
> from source, which is a problem itself.)
> Thanks,
> Bas
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> jo4UQE3rSGhtfw7zxl8K39inQnpv+HyotOEZ6JWXzoUf+997uknAsB5OYHr2obZn
> 9tlg/oaMoHfCX/oXZU6sqL2yFeDhomO/zOf0rbhdWcBYwRSdTHkU+UtrkronqHjM
> afFk0mt8y+c/PNQvs1NVpLSaLTEwoIYJCqxDywlnEkGw3gNXGmthM768bK7sVM/o
> fZH9B0f2jDj5+2zyN/GcjxZw6aYD8ckyCZT90jpfA5wcUsPbYxOjo9iyxp9acFSr
> D02upguz1tVJn4ksJvzX/hYVecKnO/8VdqPWTh75Kse3Pmsip/17S/+ICoII8rT5
> +yzzUJF1NRh6Uuxs2tP5a6QLLBdecZ4l17SYrHNoOAevGFCcLHYNH+Dyn0AAoAxG
> TtwTnFxFQx31Is5Gh3KWWO43ooMA42svCDMrcx3N1cOGrPpHS5RfU2BeFa1kkMUx
> YR5gU4M+tt1D7HQ73hEm73pu56h23DLdv7QL4FjP+xlHUNF29c5G4dPYyQD8tNcW
> 7nRZP78n2pxdO7Xbi0HNzTbEyrhPmwT6cj9mCUzPJCQEsRKCM2v/kSLz7RGgSw3H
> nHusejCreSzSKL7EL8Mq
> =7iSp

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