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[MBF]: json_checker testsuite, likely licensed "Good not Evil"

Dear Developers, 

while packaging an updated version of one of my packages which included
now rapidjson I became aware that this library includes the test suite 
date of http://json.org/JSON_checker/. While there is no license on the
testsuite.zip, json_checker is licensed by json.org with the infamous
clause "The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil."
and I believe the testdata is covered under the same license "best
case", (worst case not licensed at all.

For rapidjson [1] I filed #840333, but afterwards I checked also
codesearch.debian.net for one of the testcases [2] and found many
packages including it verbatim.

I'm not sure if my assessment is right and we have a DFSG problem here,
but if so, I guess this should be handled by extending the existing
lintian error.


[1] (where upstream is aware of it and later versions recommend to
remove the testsuite) 
[1] https://codesearch.debian.net/search?q=%22Extra+comma%22%3A+true%2C


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