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Re: Bug#841196: ITP: node-os-homedir -- Node.js 4 `os.homedir()` ponyfill

On Tuesday 18 October 2016 08:45 PM, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> That doesn't fix (or excuse) poor packaging, though.

Are you saying this is RC? We have different level for bugs, this would
be wishlist. I don't mind someone writing a better description.

> Life's too short to go and fix all the crap in the world personally,
> but we can keep certain minimum standards for what we as a group allow
> into Debian. :-(

But this is something we want in debian (grunt). I don't have to explain
Free Software model to you. If you find a bug, report it and if you can
send a patch, please do.

It seems there are so many people who focus on stopping other people...

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