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Re: [pkg-gnupg-maint] Bug#840669: Beware of leftover gpg-agent processes (was: Re: Changes for GnuPG in debian)

On Fri 2016-10-14 13:17:06 -0400, Ian Jackson wrote:
> This (and the change to gnupg2) has now broken dgit's DEP-8 test
> suite, when run under schroot.  I'm discussing this in #840669 (CC'd).

in particular, the lack of a cleanup process breaks the test suite.  If
the test suite had a cleanup process, we know exactly how to "un-break"

> I am trying to persaude Daniel that we should provide (at least
> optionally) a mode where an autostarted agent (and the corresponding
> authorisations, if the user types in a passphrase) have a lifetime
> limited by that of the gpg process which started the agent.

fwiw, i'm not the person who needs persuading.  Ian's proposal is rather
complex, seems likely to introduce new problems, and it isn't a change
i'm up for either writing myself or supporting as a divergence from
GnuPG upstream.

The simple fix (cleaning up the test suite by eithe deleting the
temporary GNUPGHOME directory or by invoking "gpgconf --kill gpg-agent")
is a lot more straightforward.

Alternately, if schroot was to run under a session management supervisor
like systemd, then the session manager could take care of both launching
and terminating the agent as needed.


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