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Re: "Browserified" stuff

On 14457 March 1977, Martín Ferrari wrote:

>> It is not useless, and contrib is way different than any random
>> repository out there.
> I am not sure about that. We discourage people from using contrib, and
> don't promise much support. Whereas upstream can offer the latest
> package always.

> This is server software; as a sysadmin, many times I decide which tools
> to use by checking if they are present in debian stable main, and I
> don't think I am alone in that.

Me as admin is fine with stuff in contrib too. (Honestly, as admin even
non-free, though I have to check licenses sometimes there. But as admin
I want a working system and *mostly* don't care from which component it

>> The solution is to have the full build environment needed (for
> The solution I am aiming for is to drop all this handlebars nonsense. I
> am currently checking libjs-mustache (handlebars is just a superset of
> it) as it can do most of what handlebars does and it seems to have a
> less braindead toolchain.

Thats also a good way out, yes.

bye, Joerg
<exa> yes, I'm annoying.

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