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Re: "Browserified" stuff

On 09/10/16 23:56, Adam Borowski wrote:

> Another issue is, as mentioned in the TC discussion, the inability to fix
> any non-trivial security bugs in stable.  I can't quite imagine the Security
> Team hunting for a specific old version of grunt and all of its extensive
> dependencies to rebuild the buggy package.  Such state hits the definition
> of "contrib" exactly, why not actually use it for this purpose?  Demotion of
> libjs-handlebars would require changing or demoting two more packages:
> prometheus and kcov, which would be a hassle but not the end of the world.

Prometheus being in contrib basically means the work I have done for the
past year is worthless, as users could as well just grab unofficial
packages from other places. I am not saying this to justify the mess
with handlebars, I want to find a solution, but putting this in contrib
or non-free is not an option for me.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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