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Stretch freeze and the possible future upload of MATE 1.18

Hi all,

I'm one of the upstream developers of MATE desktop environment. Current
version, 1.16, just reached Unstable and should make it into Testing soon.
However, 1.16 has some outstanding issues (mostly GTK+3 related ones, but
there are also dependencies on deprecated packages) which we'll only be able
to handle during 1.18 development phase, due to amount of new code needed for
that and time needed for testing.

So we're interested in getting the future 1.18 release into Stretch before
it's released as the next Stable. Now we're only preparing to start 1.18
development, and we don't know which date would be the deadline for 1.18
release in order for it to make it into Testing. I've looked at three freezes
listed at https://wiki.debian.org/DebianStretch#Before_the_release and I have
to admit I don't understand them fully. Which freeze would be the one after
which the new upstream MATE release won't be accepted into Testing?

Here's the tentative list of possible changes in 1.18 in regards to package

- src:caja
  - drop B-D:libunique-3.0-dev

- src:eom
  - add B-D:libpeas-dev

- src:libmateweather
  - drop this package completely

- src:mate-applets
  - drop B-D:libmateweather-dev, add B-D:libgweather-3-dev

- src:mate-control-center
  - drop B-D:libunique-3.0-dev

- src:mate-media
  - drop B-D:libunique-3.0-dev

- src:mate-panel
  - drop B-D:libmateweather-dev, add B-D:libgweather-3-dev

- src:mate-system-monitor
  - add D:policykit-1

- src:pluma
  - add B-D:libpeas-dev

Would something of that count as a transition that should be completed before
the transition freeze on 5th Nov? Or would it be allowed to upload these new
packages until soft freeze or even full freeze?

(Not sure if I should've posted this in debian-release list instead, I wasn't
sure where to discuss this topic.)

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