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Re: Bug#841113: ITP: extremetools -- tools for running processes under extreme uid and gid

On Wed, Oct 19, 2016, at 06:56, Jan Mojzis wrote:
> >I read manpage on github, but did not understood, what exactly this
> > program provides.  Can it replace creation system users for dropping
> > privileges?
> It's doesn't create users.
> It only drops privileges (extremesetuidgid) or sets $UID/$GID env.
> variables (extremeenvuidgid).
> For example:
> extremesetuidgid -b 100000 sleep 1
> runs command 'sleep 1' under unprivileged uid/gid (computed getpid()
> +100000) 
> e.g. for:
> pid=10 ... uid=gid=100010
> pid=11 ... uid=gid=100011
> pid=12 ... uid=gid=100011

I am just wondering why is it called "extreme"?

It looks more like a functionality related to "exclusive" guid/uid,

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