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shirish शिरीष

Bob Bib

Alain Benvéniste

André Verwijs

Bjørn Mork

Adam D. Barratt

Alain Benvéniste

Alain Benvéniste

Alexandre Bique

Andre Verwijs

Andrea Onofrii

Ben Armstrong

Bob Bib


Cyril Brulebois

Debian Bug Tracking System

Debian FTP Masters

Diugra Sveyil


Douro Digital, Lda.

Elmar Stellnberger


Filipus Klutiero

Francesca Ciceri

George Danchev

Gerfried Fuchs

gregor herrmann

Guillem Jover

Hector Oron

Holger Wansing

J.A. Bezemer

Joey Hess

Jon Dowland

Jonas Smedegaard

Julian Andres Klode

Julien Cristau

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

Marco d'Itri


Michael Gilbert


Neil Williams

Paul Wise

Peter Palfrader

Peter Samuelson

Philip Charles

Philipp Kern

Rick Thomas

Samuel Thibault

Saul Reynolds-Haertle

Steve Langasek

Steve McIntyre

Steven Chamberlain

Thomas Schmitt

Timo Juhani Lindfors

Toni Mueller


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