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Re: Wheezy release: CDs are not big enough any more...

On 12-05-14 at 11:22am, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On May 14, Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> wrote:
> > It is my impression from my visits in the Fall (although I do not 
> > have any hard data to support it) that in India and Indonesia 
> > network access is generally so slow that even if computers have DVD 
> > drives the common media downloaded and used is CD.
> This does not look like a great argument: when your internet access is 
> really slow then you either download one image and share it between 
> user (and then it does not matter if it is a CD or DVD, since the 
> incremental cost per user is negligible), or you just download the 
> netinstall image to minimize the number of bytes you need to download 
> from the network to what you strictly need (yes, I did a few modem 
> netinstalls...).

Yes, computer resources and software can be dealt with more sensibly and 
efficient than is currently practiced at many places in the World.

Yes, I have also installed whole networks via 28.8 modem quite some 
years ago.

But question was if people are known to routinely try to install desktop 
systems with only a CD and no networking, and I shared my insight on 

I wish people would collaborate more.

I wish people would care more about efficient use of resources.

I did not claim that there was great sense behind that usage pattern, 
but I do claim that it is reality in some parts of the World.

But until let's make Debian easy available also for those who are not 
yet as wise and clever as ourselves.

Let's keep providing CDs as install medium, because it is still relevant 
for some (and, I vaguely feel, not only exotically few) real use cases 
to install non-bloated desktop at places with flaky/expensive Internet.

 - Jonas

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