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debian-cd - dists/$DIST/InRelease and binary-$ARCH/Release files


1) The file of dists/$DIST/InRelease already exists for quite some time, 
however currently debian-cd scripts do not:
* parse dists/$DIST/InRelease files found on the $mirror;
* put dists/$DIST/InRelease in the ISO model

A wishlist bug to do so is already filed: #673639

Support for top-level Release and Release.gpg would still be nice to have in 
place not to break unidentified amount of clients which might rely on their 

2) Some planned Repository Format [1] changes which affect debian-cd.

A possible future drop of binary-$ARCH/Release - as seen from the IRC log [2] 
below, FTP team chews upon getting rid of binary-$ARCH/Release files at some 
future point. Currently debian-cd scripts parse binary-$ARCH/Release as found 
on mirrors and create these inside the ISO images.

Rf: a squeeze image provides these binary-$ARCH/Release files:

24d3c0581d7be2ee3867efd1f9d65ad2  dists/squeeze/contrib/binary-amd64/Release
f6d09f4081904cebf6051d25a197e3ab  dists/squeeze/main/binary-amd64/Release
f6d09f4081904cebf6051d25a197e3ab  dists/squeeze/main/debian-installer/binary-

This, of course is a post-wheezy task, and depends on whether or not, and when 
the official archive will drop binary-$ARCH/Release files. In any case, it is 
reasonable to expect that Debian ISO images follow Debian archive repository 
format as close as possible.

To summarize: As far as I understan it a future debian-cd is encouraged to 
solely rely on mirrors' dists/$DIST/InRelease, munge it a bit as it currently 
does with Release files, and get it in the ISO image.

A bug to follow such a prospective plan is not yet filed against debian-cd, 
since I guess it needs some more on-list discussion in hope to identify what 
might horribly break, if binary-$ARCH/Release files are not found in place.

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/RepositoryFormat

[2] IRC log follows:

<juliank> Does debian-cd create InRelease files? If not, it should
probably be changed as well, to be similar to the main archive.

<flightplan> debian-cd does not parse nor (re-)create InRelease files.

<juliank> flightplan: Well, then it might be time to start doing this.
We might standardise on required InRelease files for repositories (and
those are repositories as well). And I guess that's important once
debootstrap supports InRelease (keeping the code for Release files
around , might be a bit too much work)

<flightplan> juliank: ok (JFTR: debian-cd does parse
mirror's/top-level_Release and binary-$arch/Release, munges them, and
gets them onto the ISO model - a fair amount of spaghetti sprinkled
around few scripts)

<Ganneff> flightplan: aha, so debian-cd is one user of the binary-*
release files. good to know. can you adjust it to not do so? (the info
there is all in the path plus the upper release file anyways). or file a bug?

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