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Re: provide an own non-oss DVD / include non-oss on BD

 I see that there is little sense in creating an own CD just for the graphics 
driver and firmware. However I believe an SDCard image could fit the described 
purpose very well. No more need to waste a full CD on non-oss. An SDCard image 
for certain non-oss packages could offer the same level of security as a DVD 
image: verifyable sha512sum, read only access.
Moreover all of my computers (3 of 3 notebooks) have a built in SDCard reader.
Otherwise the image could be used by a USB stick as well.
Perhaps we could add some other software to fulfill contrib dependencies later.

Elmar Stellnberger

> > On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 10:38:20PM +0200, Elmar Stellnberger wrote:
> > >  What about a non-oss DVD or a non-oss repo on BD?
> > >
> > >I believe a complete set of packages will be of high value either for
> > >installing or working offline. Although apt supports offline software
> > >retrieval it can be very arduous to transport every desired piece of
> > >software with sth. like an USB stick to the destination especially for
> > >a computer out of reach of a direct internet connection. I believe
> > >the sense of a BD or a DVD set is in having such a complete set of
> > >software handy everywhere.
> > >
> > >  Although we do normally suffice with oss, non-oss can as well be
> > >essential f.i. for the graphics driver or device firmware. Moreover
> > >the contrib section does not really make sense without non-oss.
> > 
> > Sorry, not doable and not something I care about spending time on. The
> > packages in the non-free archive have a wide variety of different
> > licenses on them, including some that potentially prohibit putting
> > them on a CD.
> We don`t need the full set of non-oss software on DVD.
> However graphics drivers and firmware are essential and usually
> can not be replaced by oss software.

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