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Bug#673669: cdrom: CRT Monitor connected DVI>VGA not detected properly - unusable - EDID not properly obtained.

severity 673669 important
reassign 673669 xserver-xorg

On Sun, May 20, 2012 at 04:57:47PM +0000, doobydave wrote:
>Package: cdrom
>Severity: critical
>Justification: breaks the whole system
>Hi. As per title, my monitor's EDID is not read correctly, and this leads to very
>bad things on many linux distros. The debian live cd presents a flashing grey 
>screen instead of the desktop. Text login works (ctrl+alt+f1), but is not displayed.
>Trying to launch in failsafe mode is even worse. The machine hangs with flashing 
>scroll-lock and caps-lock lights.
>It's worth noting that WinXP on the same machine can use the monitor just fine.
>This bug is not specific to Debian (Fedora, Ubuntu and Sabayon all have certain 
>I have filed a bug with UbuntuBugs, and I have a thread at Ubuntuforums about the 
>If you'd like specific debian generated logs (rather than the Ubuntu ones available 
>in the above links, I can get ssh installed on a live CD boot and get to them 
>remotely (submitting this report from there now), or if you need me to install it to
>the hard disk (assuming it's possible), I'm happy to do so.

Reassigning to the X people, as they will be able to help more. Also
reducing the inflated severity to something more reasonable. While
this is undoubtedly important to you, many many other people with more
mainstream hardware are using the same software are not seeing these

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