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Re: Wheezy release: CDs are not big enough any more...

Neil Williams wrote:
> "supporting only the smaller/lighter desktop environments" is exactly
> what comes out of accepting that the first two options just won't be
> acceptable. Changing compression is only putting off the inevitable.
> There's *no* reason to think that GNOME or KDE are going to get back
> below the 1 CD limit at the next Debian stable release.
> I'd support XFCE4 as the default Graphical Desktop Environment and
> possibly putting GNOME (and KDE) as alternative options.
> That way, GNOME and KDE (as explicit options) should only show up in
> the list if using a medium which can provide that amount of packages.

While I have started putting XFCE on systems I install for family etc,
I am not sure if it's really suitable yes to be the default desktop
environment. There are probably quite a lot of fit and finish issues.
Here are two major problems:

* Currently the XFCE taks uses wicd, which has a much less polished UI
  than network-manager. For example, when wicd needs a password, it
  opens a rather complex configuration panel, rather than just prompting
  for the password. Probably some users also use network-manager for
  things like cell connections, that wicd doesn't support. 

* There does not seem to be much accessability support in XFCE. With
  gnome, we have a fully accessible system from the login manager on.
  Accessability improvements are on the XFCE roadmap; this should
  improve with time. http://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.10/roadmap/accessibility

I hope that we can avoid the CD size forcing the desktop for at least
one more release. Note that we had the same trouble the last two
releases, and managed to make it fit in the end both times.

see shy jo

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