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Re: Wheezy release: CDs are not big enough any more...

While this has been an interesting thread, it may be predicated on a
false premise. I examined the latest weekly CD build, and the reason no
desktop tasks at all (even lxde or xfce) appear on their respective CDs
is because debian-cd is simply not including tasksel's new task-*
packages, at all. 

The packages on the CD seem fairly random, including things not in any
task like wmaker, alien, and, on the lxde+xfce CD, lots of KDE, but no
ldxe or xfce.

Even DVD #1 seems broken, containing task-desktop, but not
task-gnome-desktop. I'm sure gnome still fits on a DVD.

Seems likely that things are badly broken in debian-cd's task handling.
Likely related to tasksel's new task-* packages.

The way debian-cd needs to handle the new task packages is this:

* Put task-gnome-desktop on CD#1, task-kde-dekstop on KDE CD #1, etc.
  (No need to use /usr/share/tasksel/descs/debian-tasks.desc anymore.)
* Try to include at all Recommends of task-* packages, not only their
  dependencies, as this is used to pull in the majority of packages for
  tasks. Do this even when normal Recommends inclusion is disabled.
* If space is tight, drop some of the task-* Recommends. And, since
  this needs to be special cased anyway, it would be nice to have an
  option to abort the build, and/or warn if they don't fully fit.

see shy jo

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