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Bug#673576: cdimage.debian.org for S390

On Sat, 26 May 2012, Alain Benvéniste wrote:


Can you tell me if you need more infos, if this issue is in progress ?

Sorry, I seem to have completely missed your message last monday...

So there is a bug on the DVD. In particular, your Release file contains:

 717fa13404f85f1f04a2067a902d5fba       95 main/binary-s390/Release
 440e09b2690f0f01412a023e0aedb66e  4671806 main/binary-s390/Packages
 b8ae7f01c26aa9d9e9ea084a04bbb5db  1382145 main/binary-s390/Packages.gz
 717fa13404f85f1f04a2067a902d5fba       95
 8ff038c20762247cbf0b2d1f905cb989       98 contrib/binary-s390/Release
 415fae5f90760d87d09bcfd14876db2f     2442 contrib/binary-s390/Packages
 9d0506d9159cf6772c58673ca541957f     1229 contrib/binary-s390/Packages.gz

[idem SHA* sections]

while the i386 DVD's Release file contains:

 d13b81318834d02b0d98b242f7a9bd54       95 main/binary-i386/Release
 6d3dcac69d656e4d29e250752d4c60f7  4491124 main/binary-i386/Packages
 533dc7d61de165dd3396fccae1fb7b0f  1312112 main/binary-i386/Packages.gz
d13b81318834d02b0d98b242f7a9bd54 95 main/debian-installer/binary-i386/Release 131ce2ead608557e8cb8c6454081b86b 121810 main/debian-installer/binary-i386/Packages bceb60db78d6cc22e6215b4696622ebe 33477 main/debian-installer/binary-i386/Packages.gz
 82496e277c857d132498fcf0f1873c88       98 contrib/binary-i386/Release
 3354320f6f7e0affb399ea2be023703c     6397 contrib/binary-i386/Packages
 6d5175848929b21cccfe73d3ad709524     2761 contrib/binary-i386/Packages.gz

Note that on the s390 DVD, there is no line for main/debian-installer/binary-s390/Packages or .gz .

The installer is looking for such a line, which will of course break if it isn't there...

So plase check that you actually have the main/debian-installer/binary-s390/Packages and Packages.gz files on your DVD. If you have them and you're feeling adventurous, you can try adding the checksum of these files to the Release file, only the MD5Sum section is used.

In the mean time, I'll let the debian-cd developers investigate why this happens and how to fix this in the image generation.

Best regards,

Anne Bezemer

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