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(no subject) <no subject> NORACOM:メールアドレス確認 Problemas na instalção. Virus détecté dans le message. Refusé. [Challenge Response] Please confirm your address. [ Minor typo in Russian translation of Debian website] [ projeto Debian.] Acutes, graves and entities Adding a Debian-Gis page Betreff broken email address on Broken link in broken links at Bug#100188: equipped Bug#100188: Fw: holiday Bug#100188: Fw: scotty Bug#100188: paragonite Bug#251198: marked as done ( Use png instead of jpeg for logo) Bug#273304: marked as done ( www.d.o/intl/l10n/po-debconf/pot should mention to contact the BTS before translating) Bug#273820: marked as done ( search_packages: do link directly to the binary packages) Bug#278039: Nothing happened so far Bug#278664: marked as done (Link on amd64-Package broken) Bug#278699: missing documentation to remove a domain Bug#280108: Links for recent changelogs are broken Bug#281000: marked as done ( is outdated) Bug#281000: is outdated Bug#281015: marked as done ( -- Add Genesi to d.o/partners page) Bug#281015: -- Add Genesi to d.o/partners page Bug#282812: Dead link in the php4 package page Bug#283041: mention how to get Contents.gz and SPAM [Fwd: Sorunsuz Yaþamanýn Keyfi ...] cannot create toolbar images Re: Changes in Apache configuration on gluck broke the lessoften script completely free classmate search service Content negotiation information Re: CVS webwml/english/devel/buildd Dead link Debian for ARM Debian News RSS Feed Debian-Installer report-template domain not locked Re: Details dwww with css, was: Examples Debian WWW with css Emergency medical Information Error question on Bugs, was: Examples Debian WWW with css Especial The Cult 19:11:04 // Vuelve el Bela Lugosi en formato Session 26:11:04 Especial The Cult en Bounty Club Valencia e Inauguracion Disco-Pub Bela Lugosi Examples Debian WWW with css Grammatical Error help Help Re: Hi not up to date policy Is there a problem with klecker? Just Subscribed. Konferencja dla Mailadresse auf Ihren Seiten Re: massas! Missing tag in webwml/english/partners/index.wml ? New information related to the autobuilder network available at New: Who's using Debian NM status page -> QA page -> inofficial packages no any file in dialog arm package Re: No Link No news for this year? No se puede contactar con estos amigos Re: Outdated page was: Debian Dictionary Re: Patch for webwml/english/CD/vendors/vendors.CD Please remove us as CD vendor Problem in page " %s', $p, $p)); } print join (", ", @p); :>" Problem to acces on the packages Problem with packages.d.o Re: Problemas na instalção. problems with download problems with type of the packages Processed: Re: Bug#282812: Dead link in the php4 package page Processed: RE: Processed: Re: Bug#282812: Dead link in the php4 package page Processed: severity of 282812 is minor Processed: tagging 278699 Processed: tagging 280108 Processed: Update submitter addresses Proofread request for patch which fixes double words Providing documentation for developers (in the website) related to the buildd network Remove my listing from vendor list Research Information Researcher Seeks Writing Mistakes from Students from Elementary School to College for a New Book schrijffout sociaal contract/ text error social contract section non-US omitted from package search criteria small patche for italian/releases/slink/running-kernel-2.2.wml Social Contract reversion spelling error on source package page (en) Re: Submission to Debian User List svnrepo.tar.gz link dangling (no file at location) toter link ? typo (?) on webwml/english/security/2004/dsa-579.wml typo on webwml/english/security/2004/dsa-586.wml Unidentified subject! Updated files Who's using Debian? write access to webwml xhtml, was: Examples Debian WWW with css your host alioth doesnt respond The last update was on 10:00 GMT Sun Jun 23. There are 199 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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