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New information related to the autobuilder network available at www.debian.org

[Some of you are already aware of this since you have seen my commits to 
CVS, in any case...]

Ok, as promised, I've set up some pages related to the autobuilder network
up at www.debian.org/devel/buildd collecting it from different sources
(with permission) and writting some stuff myself.

Hopefully the content is useful for fellow DDs and it will also prevent
people from trying to find out this same information by "Googling it out".
I would really appreciate if other members of the team could review the
content and improve on it. IANANES [1] after all.



PS: There's probably a lot of information missing that is not readily 
available. But the goal is just to give an overview of the system not to 
detail how it is actually being used currently or which security measures 
were introduced post-compromise.

[1] "I am not a native english speaker"
Google "not a native english speaker" = ~25.000
Google iananes "english speaker"      = 3
This term needs some push (an entry in the jargon file?) :-)

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