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Content negotiation information

I'm just putting together my website http://www.securityshells.com
mainly for my private use, i.e. job seeking, posting news, sharing
photos, etc.

Ispired by debian.org ;) I've been fiddling a bit with Apache content
negotiation. At the bottom of every page you have a following link

How to set the default document language

I've included such a link (to your website as a temporary solution) on
my website just for a quick solution. The question is: would you mind me
using some portions of the information you put in that document to
create my own help page? 

If you agree I'll certainly put information that these informations come
from Debian project website :)

I'm asking 'cos you guys spend time creating these pages and I don't
want to just 'rip it off' without permission. On the other hand, why do
something that's been already done better by someone else?

BTW: I also have another question about the way content negotiation
works for you. My website is only available in English and Polish. If I
set for instance preferred language in my browser to some unknown
language, my Apache reports that the Requested content is unavailable in
that certain language. How did you manage to circumvent that?

Should I simply make a symlink index.php -> index.php.en in addition to
having only index.php.en and index.php.po available so when the browser
requests content in an unavailable language it is served vanilla

Thanks in advance. I appreciate your job guys :)

Best regards,
Martin Orda <martin.orda@bgnet.pl

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