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Re: Examples Debian WWW with css

Am Dienstag, 16.11.04 um 00:30 Uhr schrieb Frank Lichtenheld:

I think, if we go for CSS, we really should get rid of the images in the
nav bar, replacing them by text.

I just tried to make everything like it is currently: I am a debian user only and do not have to decide. But if you have wishes, I can do an example.
The menu may move to the left, too.

This solves a lot of problems with
i18n and perhaps we can make them even nicer ;)

I do not know, if text with simple background is nicer, but it is easier to handle, for sure.

Besides, is the @import really needed? Can't we just go for a <link> ?
(It breaks the style sheet menu of mozilla-ctextensions, at least I care

I'll have a look at that. Have to find some info about that.

While we're at it: We should really add a "jump to content" link before
at the top the page (we can hide it for browers with enabled

But the content is already at top of page.... Lynx needs some text above the links, I think.

For the header, the Debian Image can go to the background for CSS-Browsers and the current ones only be shown for non-css browsers. But that is a minor issue.

If I get some more momments, I'll do some more examples.




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