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Re: Content negotiation information

On 6/11/2004, "Marcin Orda" <marcin.orda@bgnet.pl> wrote:

>How to set the default document language
>I've included such a link (to your website as a temporary solution) on
>my website just for a quick solution. The question is: would you mind me
>using some portions of the information you put in that document to
>create my own help page?

Debian's webpages are licensed under the Open Publication License, hence
you may use the information if you follow the instructions:


>Should I simply make a symlink index.php -> index.php.en in addition to
>having only index.php.en and index.php.po available so when the browser
>requests content in an unavailable language it is served vanilla

I think Debian's webmasters have solved it in a similar way; you should
be able to find posts about it in this mailing list's archives:


Regards, Kaare - <http://www.nightcall.dk/>

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