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dwww with css, was: Examples Debian WWW with css

Hi Denis!

Am Dienstag, 23.11.04 um 00:03 Uhr schrieb Denis Barbier:

by CSS, all pages will take these changes into account.  Of course
some other files have also to be modified in the same directory,
but it can be done later if we have no time just now.
It looks like you already modified HTML pages, so I can grab your
changes and propose a patch against this file, let me know where I
can download your modified main page.

I am not ready with the screenshots yet, if you need.

English and German pages are at


If links are not working there, it is a result of missing extenstions and different server settings.

http://www.witch.westfalen.de/debian/diff/ contains the diff against webml cvs.

If you totally dislike it, let me know. If you find it mostly okay and want me to make changes, feel free to do.

I am sure that my markup needs some cleanup, as I am used to edit html 4.01 strict and not xhtml as used in parts of the source. But that really will be a minor issue.

In my graphical browsers with three different rendering engines everything looks the same. I have currently one Screenshot in http://www.witch.westfalen.de/debian/sreenshots/




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