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Who's using Debian?

As a student I can witness that here at the Politecnico di Milano, in
Milan, Italy in the end the administration introduced linux!

So, the filled form is:

Linux Rooms - Politecnico di Milano - Italy 



There are 34 machines, running Debian (Woody). Students, using these
machines, are granted of a 50 Mb - HD space, and can use ordinay
office software (OpenOffice, Lyx and so on); on the machines are
installed programs for numeric calculus (as Matlab), too. This lab is
complitely dedicated to linux; in the campus many other laboratories
are equipped with linux, but in multi-boot computers. Debian has been
selected for stability and for being a system which allowed simple
Marco P. Ferrara
"Non so se ingegneri si nasca o si diventi, sicuramente si rimane"

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