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Providing documentation for developers (in the website) related to the buildd network

Hi everyone,

After trying to build my own autobuilder machine at home [1] I've found 
that there's not that much documentation on how the buildd network works, 
and it's quite spread out (in different locations, including mailing lists 
and people.debian.org directories)

I'm considering uploading the attached content to the webwml sources (i.e. 
the Debian website) at w.d.o/debian/buildd/. This information tries to
complement the information available elsewhere (i.e. buildd.debian.org, the
Developer's Reference) and aggregate some of the information produced by
developers (people.debian.org stuff). That's why some of you are in the
mail so you can review and approve the reuse of your content.

I would appreciate some comments on the content attached (html pages 
provided for convenience, local hyperlinks will not work due to how the 
website builds for content negotiation). If no one objects I will upload 
this to the website shortly.

The only reason I'm doing this is because I think there's not enough 
developer-oriented information on how buildd works (both the software and 
the network) and I would rather have this in a single place than spread out 
in multiple locations.

Also, it would be nice to write some additional information on both where 
to obtain the software (buildd was previously available at db.debian.org, 
but it seems to not be there any longer) and how to setup an autobuilder 
system from scratch. That information could reside here or, maybe, in the 
Developer's Reference.

Thanks for your help


[1] To try and recompile all the Debian packages both to:
- recompile it with the Gcc+SSP patch and 
see if we can integrate whatever Adamantix has done back into Debian 
through a new 'architecture'
- automatically audit the source code of built packages (source code audit 
of unbuilt packages breaks in some cases because of extensive usage of 

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