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Emergency medical Information

 A new product is available that allows a person to carry all their emergency information with them at all times and it fits on a keyring. This is especially useful for active seniors, children with existing medical conditions and anyone while traveling away from home.
 MedicTag is a digital medical alert device that combines your emergency information with today's technology. Any emergency service, ambulance, police or rescue squad with a laptop computer can have instant access to your emergency information. Emergency contacts, existing conditions, medications - MedicTag can tell them when you can't.

Unlike other medical alert devices that have one or two words or a phone number to call, MedicTag has all your information immediately available. No guessing - No wasted time!
If you need your emergency information with you at all times, you need MedicTag!

More info is available at http://www.medictag.com

If you have the “Vial of life" at home then you need MedicTag with you when you leave the house, it could be a lifesaver!
Edward Ricci

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