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Re: Providing documentation for developers (in the website) related to the buildd network

On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 10:59:19AM +0100, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> After trying to build my own autobuilder machine at home [1] I've found 
> that there's not that much documentation on how the buildd network works, 
> and it's quite spread out (in different locations, including mailing lists 
> and people.debian.org directories)


> I'm considering uploading the attached content to the webwml sources (i.e. 
> the Debian website) at w.d.o/debian/buildd/.

As most of this content is developer-oriented, shouldn't this be
/devel/buildd/ ?

> This information tries to complement the information available
> elsewhere (i.e. buildd.debian.org, the Developer's Reference) and
> aggregate some of the information produced by developers
> (people.debian.org stuff). That's why some of you are in the mail so
> you can review and approve the reuse of your content.
> I would appreciate some comments on the content attached (html pages 
> provided for convenience, local hyperlinks will not work due to how the 
> website builds for content negotiation). If no one objects I will upload 
> this to the website shortly.

I have no problem with my content being reused for www.debian.org;
however, in that case I would appreciate it if I could maintain it
there (i.e., if someone could give me CVS access).

However, one little correction:

--- index.wml.orig      2004-11-08 11:46:02.670732286 +0100
+++ index.wml   2004-11-08 11:47:55.032348605 +0100
@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@
 for all architectures (in state <em>Needs-Build</em>).
 Build machines will query the build database for packages in this state,
 and will routinely take packages from that list. The list is
-is prioritized by urgency and number of packages build-depending on a package.
+is prioritized by previous compilation state, priority, section, and finally
+package name.

 <P>If the build succeeds in all architectures, the maintainer will not
 need to do anything. All those binary packages will be uploaded to the

The idea that this list would be prioritized by urgency is a myth which
was sent into the world by my people.d.o page; however, it is incorrect.

> The only reason I'm doing this is because I think there's not enough 
> developer-oriented information on how buildd works (both the software and 
> the network) and I would rather have this in a single place than spread out 
> in multiple locations.

I couldn't agree more. In fact, I wanted to do this a while ago, but
never got around to actually do it. Thanks for taking this up.

> Also, it would be nice to write some additional information on both where 
> to obtain the software (buildd was previously available at db.debian.org, 
> but it seems to not be there any longer)

No, there simply is no source package, and it is therefore not
referenced in the Sources file available on db.debian.org.

However, if you check the version number of the package in the Packages
file, and check where the Sources file has its base URL, you can
download the source tarball.

I agree that it would be better if the source would be readily
downloadable, but that is currently not the case.

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