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Research Information

I'm a student doing some research.
I was looking to find, directories in electronic format or on CD where we can export name,fax,email etc.
I have seen at Research Libraries books such as:
Standard and Poors directory of "Security Dealers of North America"
Securities Data Publishing  has some excellent directories
Thomson Financial has directories
U.S Company Directory(both Private and Public)
Polk has a financial institution directory
Bank Directory
Financial Yellow Pages
These  reference directories, data books and CD's you can buy ( some are also in  electronic 
format).However,they are astronomically expensive.
I would like to know if there are any websites,forums,chat rooms  or places where people trade or buy old 
ones(these types of directories and the ones I mention below)
I would like to acquire these types of reference books,data books in an electronic format(or CD ) or perhaps 
buy them at very very deep discounts.
I'm sure there must be places where people who have bought an old one and may not need the cd any 
longer would be willing to give it away, trade, or sell at deep discount. If this is acceptable.
Are there any discussion forums, chatrooms, etc. for LIST BROKERS?
I'm also interested in directories of organizations or associations. Including ones that list members.
We are interested in directories about businesses,professionals,chief executive 
officers,consultants,Financial intermediaries,various industries,management,stockbrokers,investment 
advisors,corporate treasures,financial institutions,list of any business say high 
tech,nanotech,analysts,manufacturers, etc.
I'm also interested in reference books directories such as:
Directory of Directories
Directory of Associations
Also please let me know where information brokers or research librarians find this information out?
Are there any chat rooms or forums where information brokers, list brokers and librarians discuss tips,ideas 
and ask each other questions?Can you please forward any such information.
Any resources,websites,chat rooms,discussion forums would be greatly appreciated.
I would like to Thank you in advance for any information you could assist me with.
Best Wishes,
Shaun Anthony

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