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Re: Outdated page was: Debian Dictionary

Hi Frank!

Hmm, ok, you're probably right. It may be worth to substitute the
VARIABLES file with a gettext solution, though.

That makes it more complicated, I think.

I have made some changes to the program:

- only one write sub
- creation of a provisional index.html (english only, but linking the correct dicts) - added a about.html (includes how to contribute, how to access the dicts on the dict server and link to submission form) - The language specific things went fully to VARIABLES.lang.txt from .makedictrc

In addition I added a debian.css file to get the definition terms bold

The dicts now are available at three places:
http://www.witch.westfalen.de/debian (and debian-women)
http://www.la-sorciere.de/debian/ (and debian-women)

source files still in source subdirectory (not on alioth)
dictd files in dict subdirectory (not on alioth)

I will try to find the time in the next days to play around with the
code and test how it could be integrated into the web pages.

I do not care the code, but I would like to have replaced the empty dictionary pages on www.debian.org. They are a shame, if one looks on the creation date and sees there is still nothing in it.

For now there are four languages with some more content in my dicts

- English
- German
- Punjabi/Panjabi
- Spanish

- Portuguese
- Bulgarian

Some other languages have been prepared.

Todo: Preparing templates for glossary files for every language.




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