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Researcher Seeks Writing Mistakes from Students from Elementary School to College for a New Book

Dear Teacher or Parent:

I’m assisting on writing a book on the humorous writing mistakes students make from elementary school to college – from misspelling and misusing words to misquoting quotes or using the language in unusual or inappropriate ways.  It will include a brief discussion of the types of mistakes kids make and why from the perspective of a sociologist and anthropologist specializing in popular culture.  It’s tentatively entitled From the Pens of Kids and will be published next fall. 

Do you have any examples of these mistakes from your classes or your kids, or do you know any teachers or parents who do?  The book will feature 500 examples of kids’ mistakes organized by major subjects, such as history, science, literature, personal relationships, psychology, and the way the world works.  The book won’t be using any names, but will have a section in the book for credits for any submissions.   

You can see more information on this project at the book’s Web site at www.kidsmistakes.com.   The author has previously published over 40 books with various publishers, and this is her next book.


Ann Lockwood

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