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Re: Examples Debian WWW with css

Am Sonntag, 21.11.04 um 17:39 Uhr schrieb Denis Barbier:

The main navbar is currently not a list, why did you turn it into <ul>?
If you keep it as is, it is certainly possible to have layout unmodified
for text browsers.

Forgot to answer that. According to accessibility guidelines it is a bad idea to put something, that is a list (for example a menu or selection) into one line. Blind persons "see" just words and phrases in a line.

Maybe, _you_ find it better looking, but those having no or very bad sight will find a one line menu or on in a table confusing. If necessary, I can post some links about accessibility. People having less sight problems may use a css browser.

It seems to be quiet about Debian accessibility now, but we should have a focus on accessibility, though. Everyone should. Everyone can be the next.

Another Thing are the remaining tables, now that I have included the css for header and footer:

According to accessibility guidelines, tables should _only_ be used where one has a real table in it and _not_ for layout boxes. But the main page and others are full of tables, which have only one sense: making a layout. Another thing is, that tables cannot be parsed as good as lists by other programs - not only by readers.

My suggestion:

- For the main Menu, I would like to insert a line "Main menu" in front of the menu list. That looks nicer in W3M and lynx. It will be invisible with css (class hidecss). - The left menu could be put as a list in a box at the left (there is such a box prepared in the css, but white now. - The footer on the main page should be without tables, too and look like the other pages already do.

About the other tables like on the devel main page, I have still no idea. It is possible to realise that with divs.

My personal wish: I would like to have a page menu, where needed (like the devel page). The box on the left could be used for that.

For now, I will make an example for the homepage with full css. But then you Debian people will have to decide, if you want me to go on. The work after that will take much more time than I am willing to put into the dustbin. For now my changes can be applied without any problem. As far as I have seen, there are no errors left.




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