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New: Who's using Debian

1. Swiss Federal Institue of Technology Zurich, Department of Physics,
ETH Zurich, http://www.phys.ethz.ch

2. Education

3. http://nic.phys.ethz.ch
and Photo: http://www.energy.ethz.ch/images/ETH_Hoenggerberg.jpg

4. We have about 140 workstations which are automatically installed with
additional science/math/astronomical software. We also have about 10
servers. All machines run stable. We have chosen Debian because of
stability, functionality, level of development, flexibility and


Gürkan Sengün                    mail:  <sengun@phys.ethz.ch>
ETH Hönggerberg HPR E 86.1       phone: +41 1 633 6604
Departement Physik, ETH Zürich   web:   http://www.phys.ethz.ch

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