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***** CONFIRMAR su cuenta de correo electrónico ***** ***Account Security Upgrade*** Pagseguro, o jeito facil, rapido e seguro de vender pela internet!!! Seminario taller sobre Diseño Curricular por Competencias [Fwd: Bug#495967: Info received (ITP: autoglade -- automagic application generation using Glade)] Bug#164800: Directory of general practitioners and dozens more specialties Bug#176737: Database of nephrologists and more Bug#247337: [Fwd: lives_0.9.9.5+20090126+debian-1_amd64.changes REJECTED] Bug#263237: marked as done (ITP: scons-doc - documentation for SCons) Bug#292907: ITP: libtranslate -- library for translating texts and webpages Bug#299324: emacs from cvs, 23.x as of 20090228 Bug#299324: can be built using the latest gnustep tarball release Bug#304570: CodeBlocks upload rejected? Bug#335459: ITP: flock -- mozilla-firefox based social web browser Bug#363504: marked as done (ITA: hwb -- The Hardware Book) Bug#368006: marked as done (ITP: libtest-memory-cycle-perl -- Test::Memory::Cycle - Check for memory leaks and circular memory references) Bug#377462: marked as done (ITP: tpclient-pywx -- a client for space empire building) Bug#381028: Debian: wnpp: 381028: galeon adoption status? Bug#381263: gyachi 1.1-61-1 Bug#381263: RFP Bug#382750: marked as done (ITA: mined -- Powerful text editor with extensive Unicode) Bug#389876: ITP: koha -- web-based library catalogue (ILS/OPAC) Bug#395364: reopening 395364 Bug#395573: marked as done (RFP: visit -- interactive parallel visualization and graphical analysis tool) Bug#397255: Irrlicht soon to become an rdepends of supertuxkart Bug#397255: Taking over Bug#412610: O: gdb-m68hc1x -- GNU Debugger for the Motorola 68HC11/12 processors Bug#412610: O: gdb-m68hc1x -- GNU Debugger for the Motorola 68HC11/12 processors Bug#417507: En Venezuela abrimos 4 cursos nuevos Bug#417509: En Venezuela abrimos 4 cursos nuevos Bug#417513: En Venezuela abrimos 4 cursos nuevos Bug#417538: En Venezuela abrimos 4 cursos nuevos Bug#419075: marked as done (ITA: ncurses-hexedit -- Edit files/disks in hex, ASCII and EBCDIC) Bug#419086: O: varkon -- A CAD-system with parametric modelling Bug#419523: RFH: -- Office suite Bug#420607: merge with 519423 Bug#421703: marked as done (ITP: caret -- Computerized Anatomical Reconstruction and Editing [med-imaging]) Bug#424718: marked as done (ITA: outguess -- Universal Steganographic tool) Bug#425805: marked as done (ITP: gmpc-plugins -- optional packages for gmpc) Bug#426305: Bug#426304: closed by César Gómez Martín <> (Bug#426304: fixed in lcab 1.0b12-3) Bug#426390: marked as done (ITP: w-scan -- Scans DVB-T and DVB-C transponders for channels) Bug#430978: marked as done (ITA: libdata-flow-perl -- Perl extension for simple-minded recipe-controlled build of data) Bug#434489: Bug#436792: ITP: ganttproject Gantt chart based project Bug#436878: ITP: gconf-cleaner -- GConf database cleaner Bug#438752: cocoon-tomcat5.5_2.1.9-1_all.deb for etch Bug#440617: [ Re: ldaptor in DPMT: anyone interested?] Bug#440617: marked as done (ITA: ldaptor -- pure Python LDAP library and utils) Bug#440617: progress update Bug#440952: changing to ITP Bug#441034: marked as done (ITA: libpgplot-perl -- PGPLOT Perl module) Bug#443952: ITP: nodoka-theme -- Nodoka metacity theme Bug#443952: Nodoka theme for possible inclusion into metacity-themes? Bug#443952: Nodoka theme for possible inclusion into metacity-themes? Bug#444708: marked as done (ITA: parrot -- virtual machine for dynamic languages) Bug#447487: marked as done (ITP: php-ssh2 -- SSH2 bindings for PHP) Bug#449205: marked as done (ITP: otf-stix -- the Scientific and Technical Information eXchange fonts) Bug#450520: What's up? Bug#450850: ITP: libllmozlib -- A wrapper library with simple [...] Bug#450850: Update Bug#451561: marked as done (ITP: navit -- Car navigation system with GPS tracking) Bug#451561: Navit in ftp-master's NEW queue Bug#451712: ITA: burn Bug#451797: marked as done (ITP: jocaml -- OCaml extended for concurrent and distributed programming) Bug#451937: pastebin package upload heading to NEW today Bug#452188: marked as done (ITA: masqmail -- A mailer for hosts without permanent internet connection) Bug#453323: Debian Perl Group isn't working on this any more Bug#453732: marked as done (ITP: usb-modeswitch -- mode switching tool for controlling "flip flop" USB devices) Bug#454566: marked as done (ITP: clojure -- a Lisp dialect for the JVM) Bug#456227: What is the status of sphinxsearch? Bug#456575: RFP: qelectrotech -- electric diagrams editor Bug#458055: closed by Uwe Hermann <> (Bug#458055: fixed in pouetchess 0.2.0-4) Bug#458055: marked as done (ITA: pouetchess -- 3D chess game) Bug#458829: marked as done (RFP: subsonic -- Web-based media streamer similar to Ampache or SlimServer.) Bug#459903: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Orphaned fonts in Debian (ttf-arphic* & ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts) Bug#459903: ITA: ttf-arphic-bkai00mp, ttf-arphic-bsmi00lp, ttf-arphic-gbsn00lp, ttf-arphic-gkai00mp & ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts Bug#460674: marked as done (ITP: micropolis-activity -- real-time city management simulator) Bug#461097: marked as done (ITP: ocropus -- Document analysis and OCR system) Bug#461097: ocropus -- Document analysis and OCR system Bug#461568: RFP: portbunny -- Linux-kernel-based port-scanner Bug#461757: marked as done (ITP: ttf-umefont -- Japanese TrueType font, Ume-font family) Bug#461914: Status update Bug#462908: ITA: gtk-theme-switch -- GTK+ theme switching utility Bug#463272: marked as done (ITP: libtpclient-py -- Python Client Library for the Thousand Parsec client) Bug#464328: ITA: png-sixlegs -- Java package to read and display PNG images Bug#464328: marked as done (ITA: png-sixlegs -- Java package to read and display PNG images) Bug#465165: Current status Bug#465403: Removing dfb++ and fusionsound? Bug#465404: Removing dfb++ and fusionsound? Bug#465904: Package removal Bug#466823: RFP: rush -- Ruby replacement for a shell Bug#467414: marked as done (ITP: dvswitch -- basic video mixer for live DV streams) Bug#468760: marked as done (ITP: libace-perl -- interface for the AceDB database) Bug#468951: marked as done (ITP: libconvert-binary-c-perl -- preprocessor and parser for C type definitions) Bug#469088: Add MPView to debian packages Bug#469397: ITP: xbmc -- XBox Media Center Linux Port Bug#469460: marked as done (ITP: ocamlduce -- OCaml extended with datatypes to manipulate XML documents) Bug#470187: RFH: nn -- Heavy-duty USENET news reader (curses-based client) Bug#470365: marked as done (ITP: libapache2-mod-auth-cas -- Apache 2 module supporting the CASv1 and CASv2 protocols) Bug#470887: marked as done (ITP: bibus -- bibliographic and reference management software) Bug#471408: marked as done (ITA: jabberd14 -- An instant messaging server using the Jabber/XMPP protocol) Bug#471984: marked as done (ITA: gerris -- Gerris Flow Solver) Bug#474128: O: libdumbnet -- A dumb, portable networking library Bug#475016: Source package of monsoon Bug#475022: any update? Bug#477339: Important: Email Account Verification Update ! ! ! Bug#478113: marked as done (ITP: myspell-en-ca -- English_canadian dictionary for myspell) Bug#478741: available on mentors Bug#479121: marked as done (ITP: dmitry -- Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool) Bug#480101: Initial packaging Bug#481869: Geronimo JEE API: packaged in Ubuntu Bug#482680: Calibre 0.5.1 in my git tree Bug#482680: marked as done (ITP: calibre -- e-book library management application) Bug#483025: ITA: reiserfsprogs Bug#483025: marked as done (ITA: reiserfsprogs -- User-level tools for ReiserFS) Bug#485708: libcdk-java 1.2.0 depends on this package Bug#485985: vle on debian [ITP] Bug#486762: No newer upsteam source yet Bug#487026: marked as done (ITP: velvet -- Sequence assembler for very short reads) Bug#487135: marked as done (ITA: wmtime -- Window Maker dockapp that displays the time) Bug#487473: Package removal Bug#488753: (forw) Re: Boost bundling Bug#488753: Boost bundling Bug#488931: HELLO Bug#488931: mp3splt status Bug#489169: marked as done (ITP: bzr-git -- Bazaar readonly support for Git repositories) Bug#489236: marked as done (ITP: faumachine -- virtual machine running in user mode) Bug#490041: (no subject) Bug#490041: marked as done (ITA: dtmfdial -- DTMF Tone Dialer) Bug#490041: What are DTMF Tones?-- be the first to answer Bug#490705: anyone working on this package? Bug#490705: Anyone? If not, I can do it Bug#490705: Package ready and already sent to sponsor Bug#491025: marked as done (ITP: biojava-live -- Java API to develop tools for bioinformatics research) Bug#491288: marked as done (ITP: dtrx -- dtrx stands for "Do The Right Extraction." It's a tool for Unix-like systems that takes all the hassle out of extracting archives) Bug#491665: Still working on supervisor package? Bug#491723: Bug#491835: (no subject) Bug#491835: marked as done (ITP: libnagios-plugin-perl -- A family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios plugins) Bug#491836: marked as done (ITP: libmath-calc-units-perl -- Human-readable unit-aware calculator) Bug#492215: Is work still being done on this? Bug#492442: Pecl package is unmaintained since 2006/11 Bug#492696: marked as done (ITP: padre -- Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment) Bug#493295: marked as done (ITP: gtkmm-documentation -- Documentation of C++ wrappers for GLib/GTK+/libglade) Bug#493818: status Bug#493849: marked as done (ITP: libnet-ldap-class-perl -- object-relational mapper for Net::LDAP) Bug#493851: marked as done (ITP: libnet-ldap-batch-perl -- perform a batch of LDAP actions) Bug#493852: marked as done (ITP: libnet-ldap-server-test-perl -- test Net::LDAP code) Bug#493971: marked as done (ITP: jsymphonic -- a MP3 file manager for Sony's MP3 players) Bug#495283: marked as done (ITP: dtrx -- dtrx stands for "Do The Right Extraction." It's a tool for Unix-like systems that takes all the hassle out of extracting archives) Bug#495959: dhcp-probe, 1.3 Bug#495959: marked as done (ITP: dhcp-probe -- Discover rogue DHCP-servers on your lan) Bug#495967: [Fwd: Bug#495967: Info received (ITP: autoglade -- automagic application generation using Glade)] Bug#495967: ITP: autoglade -- automagic application generation using Glade Bug#496264: cuneiform_0.5+dfsg-1_i386.changes REJECTED Bug#496904: marked as done (ITP: libanyevent-perl -- provide framework for multiple event loops) Bug#496961: ITP: libghc6-haskeline-dev -- User interface for line input in command-line programs Bug#497029: dependency renamed Bug#497141: Adoption of Darksnow Bug#497153: git-bzr status Bug#497613: marked as done (ITP: librelp -- Reliable Event Logging Protocol (RELP) library) Bug#497859: packaging Yo Frankie -> a project Bug#498162: marked as done (ITP: gtest -- Google's framework for writing C++ tests) Bug#498180: ubuntu merge Bug#498369: ITP: libchamplain Bug#498396: Interest in co-maintaining argyll Bug#498720: marked as done (ITP: drobo-utils -- manage data robotics storage units (drobos)) Bug#499256: (no subject) Bug#499367: marked as done (ITP: mensis -- Editor for some TrueType/OpenType font tables) Bug#499368: marked as done (ITP: fontforge-doc -- Documentation for FontForge) Bug#499448: marked as done (ITP: commons-jci -- common Java interface for various compilers) Bug#499466: marked as done (ITP: commons-javaflow -- Java implementation of Continuations concept) Bug#500049: marked as done (ITP: ears -- collection of MPD/ clients) Bug#500174: marked as done (ITP: libnet-ldapapi-perl -- Perl bindings for OpenLDAP C API) Bug#500354: marked as done (ITA: mergelog -- Merges httpd log files by date) Bug#500354: status Bug#500697: mootools repository Bug#500697: Ping? Bug#501106: ibus packages is ready at Bug#501106: ITP: ibus -- Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS Bug#501190: marked as done (ITP: moon -- open source implementation of Microsoft Silverlight) Bug#501277: marked as done (ITP: coinor-dylp -- Linear programming solver using of the dynamic simplex algorithm) Bug#501727: marked as done (ITP: libiphone -- Library for communicating with iPhone and iPod Touch devices) Bug#501760: New upstream release 1.9 is out Bug#501774: RFP: python-pyjamas -- Python-to-Javascript compiler and AJAX-based Web Widget library Bug#502183: marked as done (ITP: exactimage -- generic image processing library) Bug#502231: marked as done (ITP: charm -- A LiveJournal and Atom API client) Bug#502286: marked as done (ITP: switzerland -- Switzerland Network Testing Tool) Bug#502523: marked as done (ITP: bzr-xmloutput -- bzr plugin that generates XML output) Bug#503517: Orphaned fonts in Debian (ttf-arphic* & ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts) Bug#503636: marked as done (ITP: xfce4-power-manager -- power manager for Xfce desktop) Bug#503681: marked as done (ITP: vloopback -- vloopback modules for Linux) Bug#503748: marked as done (ITP: dv4l -- Redirect V4L API to access a camcorder from a V4L program) Bug#504134: DELL NOTIFICATION Bug#504162: marked as done (ITP: usb-modeswitch -- mode switching tool for controlling "flip flop" USB devices) Bug#504263: marked as done (ITA: libfile-counterfile-perl -- Persistent counter class for Perl) Bug#504286: I will like to know more about you Bug#504473: Bug #504473,RFA: gputils -- GNU PIC utilities Bug#504473: IFA: gputils -- GNU PIC utilities Bug#504473: marked as done (ITA: gputils -- GNU PIC utilities) Bug#504966: status Bug#505182: marked as done (ITP: libmath-random-perl -- random number generators) Bug#505194: marked as done (ITP: clawsker -- Configuration tweaker for Claws Mail) Bug#505251: marked as done (ITP: libnet-amazon-s3-tools-perl -- Command line tools for Amazon AWS S3) Bug#505570: marked as done (ITA: grisbi -- Personal finance manager) Bug#505877: ITP: jakarta-jmeter -- Load testing and performance measurement application. Bug#505877: ITP: jakarta-jmeter -- Load testing and performance measurement application. Bug#505990: marked as done (ITP: libalgorithm-munkres-perl -- Extension for Munkres' solution to Assignment problem) Bug#506752: marked as done (ITP: ssake -- assembling millions of very short DNA sequences) Bug#506757: ITP: efte Bug#506770: marked as done (ITP: relational -- Python implementation of Relational algebra) Bug#506864: marked as done (ITP: xfce4-notifyd -- simple, visually-appealing notification daemon for Xfce) Bug#506895: marked as done (ITP: seahorse-plugins -- seahorse plugins and utilities for encryption in GNOME) Bug#506903: marked as done (ITP: powerman -- Centralized Power Distribution Unit (PDU) management) Bug#506952: marked as done (ITP: rifiuti2 -- A MS Windows recycle bin analysis tool) Bug#507268: marked as done (ITP: libsvn-hooks-perl -- framework for implementing subversion hooks) Bug#507347: marked as done (ITP: taglib-rusxmms -- TagLib + RusXMMS patch) Bug#507451: marked as done (ITP: iptux -- IP Messenger client for Linux) Bug#507460: marked as done (ITP: relatorio -- python module for business reports) Bug#507492: marked as done (ITP: lbzip2 -- parallel bzip2 filter) Bug#507902: marked as done (ITP: rabbitmq-server -- An AMQP server written in Erlang) Bug#507939: marked as done (ITP: rednotebook -- graphical daily journal with calendar, templates and keyword searching) Bug#507988: marked as done (ITP: sublib -- CLI library that eases the development of subtitling applications) Bug#508009: how to install python 3 from source Bug#508070: LLVM D Compiler (ldc) and pkg-llvm group Bug#508070: Version 0.9 released Bug#508398: marked as done (ITP: mini18n -- minimal translation library) Bug#508407: marked as done (ITP: backintime -- a simple backup/snapshot system for GNOME) Bug#508438: marked as done (ITP: plasma-widget-networkmanagement -- NetworkManager frontend for KDE4 and Plasma) Bug#508438: status of this bug Bug#508503: marked as done (ITP: libdata-validate-email-perl -- common email validation methods) Bug#508732: marked as done (ITP: libdata-format-html-perl -- format Perl data structures into simple HTML) Bug#508901: Directory of surgeons and many more specialties Bug#508957: marked as done (ITP: php-kolab-format -- read/write Kolab data formats) Bug#508959: marked as done (ITP: php-kolab-server -- manipulate the Kolab user database.) Bug#508960: marked as done (ITP: php-kolab-storage -- handle Kolab data stored on) Bug#509063: Upstream bug about WPAD security issues Bug#509110: MD List in the United States Bug#509164: marked as done (ITP: libdatetime-format-sqlite-perl -- Parse and format SQLite dates and times) Bug#509213: Debian packaging of qt-creator Bug#509213: ITP: qtcreator -- IDE specifically designed for Qt Bug#509213: qt-creator package Bug#509242: Build for amd64 please Bug#509284: marked as done (ITP: libabstract-ruby -- A library which enables you to define abstract method in Ruby.) Bug#509309: marked as done (ITP: openigtlink -- network protocol intended for trackers, robots and other devices) Bug#509360: current status? Bug#509517: marked as done (ITP: mbrola -- multilingual software speech synthesizer) Bug#509532: Debian / Ubuntu packaging for Cluedome Bug#509544: marked as done (ITP: libxjavadoc-java -- a re-implementation of sun's javadoc, required as a dependency for xdoclet) Bug#509626: marked as done (ITP: mathtex -- generate PNG from mathtex expressions) Bug#509671: O: oidentd -- replacement ident daemon Bug#509744: First try Bug#509751: marked as done (ITP: zine -- Python powered blog engine) Bug#509850: ITP : haskell-curl -- Haskell bindings to the libcurl URL transfer library Bug#509850: Re : RFP: haskell-curl -- Haskell bindings to the libcurl URL transfer library Bug#509913: marked as done (ITA: qalculate-kde -- Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - KDE version) Bug#509951: media-applet packaging Bug#510035: marked as done (ITP: libmaa -- The Maa programming library) Bug#510061: ITP: libmoosex-attributehelpers-perl -- Extend your attribute interfaces Bug#510061: marked as done (ITP: libmoosex-attributehelpers-perl -- Extend your attribute interfaces) Bug#510133: marked as done (ITP: mbrola-en1 -- British English male voice for Mbrola) Bug#510138: marked as done (ITP: plasma-widget-weather -- Plasma weather applet) Bug#510184: ITP: liborigin2 -- library for reading OriginLab Origin project files Bug#510184: marked as done (ITP: liborigin2 -- library for reading OriginLab Origin project files) Bug#510377: block udav 0.5.1 by mathgl 1.8.1 needed Bug#510378: marked as done (ITP: mathgl -- library for scientific graphics) Bug#510378: New version of mathgl released 4. March 2009 Bug#510480: marked as done (ITP: bleachbit -- Delete unnecessary files from your system) Bug#510558: marked as done (ITP: gigolo -- frontend to manage connections to remote filesystems using GIO/GVFS) Bug#510596: ITP: libfreehep-java -- encourage the sharing and reuse of Java code in High Energy Physics Bug#510763: marked as done (ITP: xlwt -- Python library to generate Microsoft Excel 95 to 2003 compatible spreadsheets) Bug#510899: marked as done (ITP: php-mdb2-driver-sqlite -- sqlite mdb2 driver) Bug#510900: marked as done (ITP: php-mdb2-driver-pgsql -- pgsql MDB2 driver) Bug#510909: marked as done (ITP: lottanzb -- Automated usenet client) Bug#510981: marked as done (ITP: epiphany-extensions-more -- Collection of third-party extensions for the Epiphany web browser) Bug#511040: marked as done (ITP: krank -- is a little casual game) Bug#511170: ITP: pygpgme -- A Python wrapper for the GPGME library Bug#511185: marked as done (ITP: libcrypt-twofish-perl -- Perl module for Twofish Encryption Algorithm) Bug#511225: marked as done (ITP: whiff -- Find the first executable of a series of) Bug#511243: Volunteer Bug#511279: marked as done (ITP: python-facebook -- A Python wrapper for the facebook API) Bug#511382: marked as done (ITP: libbio-graphics-perl -- Generate GD images of Bio::Seq objects) Bug#511443: marked as done (ITP: langupdate -- locate and update translation files using Emdebian TDebs) Bug#511444: marked as done (ITP: php-ssh2 -- SSH2 bindings for PHP) Bug#511530: marked as done (ITP: mmpong -- massively multiplayer pong game) Bug#511532: License headers missing Bug#511543: marked as done (ITP: python-django-lint -- Static analysis tool for Django projects and applications) Bug#511555: vdpau build-dependancies could be packaged now Bug#511640: marked as done (ITP: gbirthday -- GBirthday is a birthday reminder application that helps you to remember your evolution contacts' birthdays.) Bug#511674: marked as done (ITP: libthread-queue-perl -- Perl module for thread-safe queues) Bug#511681: marked as done (ITP: certmaster -- Remote certificate distribution framework) Bug#511733: marked as done (ITP: lua-sec -- SSL support library for lua) Bug#511794: anyone working on Frescobaldi for Debian? Bug#511801: marked as done (ITP: fauhdlc -- experimental VHDL compiler and interpreter) Bug#511813: marked as done (ITP: subvertpy -- Alternative Python bindings for Subversion) Bug#511937: marked as done (ITP: usbip -- USB device sharing system over IP network) Bug#511973: marked as done (ITP: mbrola-de6 -- German male voice for Mbrola) Bug#511974: marked as done (ITP: mbrola-es1 -- Spanish male voice for Mbrola) Bug#511975: marked as done (ITP: mbrola-fr4 -- French female voice for Mbrola) Bug#511976: marked as done (ITP: mbrola-us1 -- American English female voice for Mbrola) Bug#511977: marked as done (ITP: mbrola-us2 -- American English male voice for Mbrola) Bug#511997: marked as done (ITP: libdownload -- library for downloading files from HTTP/FTP) Bug#512069: marked as done (ITP: r-cran-plotrix -- GNU R package providing various plotting functions) Bug#512125: marked as done (ITP: shed -- A simple hex editor with a pico-style interface) Bug#512208: marked as done (ITP: safecopy -- A data recovery tool) Bug#512220: Retitle Bug to RFP Bug#512220: Upstream not active? Bug#512227: marked as done (ITP: qwo -- An efficient input method for touch screens) Bug#512232: marked as done (ITP: qrupdate -- Fast updates of QR and Cholesky decompositions) Bug#512267: marked as done (ITP: libtext-levenshtein-perl -- implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance algorithm) Bug#512268: marked as done (ITP: ypsilon -- An implementation of R6RS Scheme with mostly concurrent garbage collection) Bug#512353: marked as done (ITP: libstevesoft-regex-java -- regular expression library for Java) Bug#512404: marked as done (ITP: r-cran-colorspace -- GNU R Color Space Manipulation) Bug#512430: marked as done (ITP: r-cran-spc -- GNU R Statistical Process Control) Bug#512431: marked as done (ITP: r-cran-sp -- GNU R classes and methods for spatial data) Bug#512433: marked as done (ITP: r-cran-vcd -- GNU R Visualizing Categorical Data) Bug#512433: R-cran-vcd for Debian was REJECTED because of missing source documentation Bug#512519: marked as done (ITP: grid-packaging-tools -- system to control dependencies between packages of larger projects) Bug#512551: marked as done (ITP: faucc -- C compiler generating Intel code for 16bit/32bit CPUs) Bug#512562: marked as done (ITP: xsettings-kde -- xsettings daemon for KDE) Bug#512562: Review of copyright file for xsettings-kde. Bug#512638: marked as done (ITP: ttf-jura -- A monospaced, sans-serif font.) Bug#512658: ITP: coccinelle -- semantic patching tool for C Bug#512658: marked as done (ITP: coccinelle -- semantic patching tool for C) Bug#512705: marked as done (ITP: boinc-app-milkyway -- Help discover structures in the MilkyWay Galaxy) Bug#512718: marked as done (ITP: libbio-primerdesigner-perl -- Design PCR primers using primer3 and epcr) Bug#512789: marked as done (ITP: nfswatch -- Analyze incoming NFS network traffic) Bug#512789: Review of copyright file for nfswatch. Bug#512806: marked as done (ITP: bam -- A fast and flexible build system) Bug#512897: marked as done (ITP: dulwich -- Python implementation of the Git file formats and protocols) Bug#513003: #513003 - progress? Bug#513016: marked as done (ITP: libconfig-model-backend-augeas-perl -- Read and write configuration data through Augeas) Bug#513141: marked as done (ITP: haskell-testpack -- Test Utililty Pack for HUnit and QuickCheck) Bug#513145: marked as done (ITP: haskell-convertible -- Typeclasses and instances for converting between types) Bug#513212: marked as done (ITP: bansheelyricsplugin -- An extension for Banshee which shows song lyrics.) Bug#513257: marked as done (ITP: libipc-run-safehandles-perl -- Use IPC::Run and IPC::Run3 safely) Bug#513280: marked as done (ITP: bzr-fastimport -- Fast-import/fast-export plugin for Bazaar) Bug#513294: marked as done (ITP: python-xmltv -- Allows Python applications to access XMLTV data) Bug#513295: marked as done (ITP: libextlib-ruby -- General Ruby class extensions serving DataMapper and Merb) Bug#513305: Status of unscd, and nscd in Debian Bug#513324: marked as done (ITP: libstomp-ruby -- Ruby bindings for the stomp messaging protocol) Bug#513428: marked as done (ITA: gmime2.2 -- MIME library) Bug#513477: marked as done (ITP: libdata-peek-perl -- A collection of low-level debugging tools for perl) Bug#513538: marked as done (ITP: libxml-bare-perl -- Minimal XML parser implemented via a C state engine) Bug#513577: marked as done (ITP: fspy -- filesystem activity monitoring tool) Bug#513629: marked as done (ITA: gtwitter -- Client for tracking and posting to twitter) Bug#513631: marked as done (ITA: bless -- A full featured hexadecimal editor) Bug#513632: marked as done (ITP: liblouis -- Braille translation library) Bug#513633: marked as done (ITP: liblouisxml -- XML to braille translation library) Bug#513699: marked as done (ITP: libfinance-bank-ie-permanenttsb-perl -- perl interface to the PermanentTSB Open24 homebanking) Bug#513771: RFP: openx -- open source advertising server Bug#513846: marked as done (ITP: pidgin-awayonlock -- pidgin plugin to set as away on screensaver activation) Bug#513938: marked as done (ITP: libclass-method-modifiers-perl -- Perl module providing method modifiers) Bug#513970: marked as done (ITP: libsys-sigaction-perl -- Perl extension for Consistent Signal Handling) Bug#513972: marked as done (ITP: mlpost -- Objective Caml interface to Metapost) Bug#514013: marked as done (ITP: libconfig-model-openssh-perl -- Graphical editor for OpenSsh sshd_config and ssh_config files) Bug#514058: marked as done (ITP: libforks-perl -- emulate threads with fork) Bug#514130: marked as done (ITP: vmware-view-open-client -- VMware View Open Client) Bug#514273: ITP: lemurae -- Gtk frontend for DRAE Bug#514516: marked as done (ITP: xfswitch-plugin -- user switching plugin for the Xfce4 panel) Bug#514615: marked as done (ITP: p910nd -- Small printer daemon intended for diskless workstations) Bug#514639: marked as done (ITP: frei0r -- a minimalistic plugin API for video effects) Bug#514679: marked as done (ITP: liblwp-online-perl -- module to check if there is Internet access) Bug#514707: marked as done (ITP: xfce4-hdaps -- plugin to indicate the status of HDAPS for the Xfce4 panel) Bug#514733: marked as done (ITP: pwrkap -- Centralized Power Distribution Unit (PDU) management) Bug#514754: marked as done (ITP: pyentropy -- estimation of entropy and information theoretic quantities) Bug#514757: ivy package Bug#514757: marked as done (ITP: ivy -- dependency manager) Bug#514786: marked as done (ITP: dh-make-drupal -- Builds a Debian package for the requested Drupal project) Bug#514915: ncmpcpp -- Ncmpcpp is, rewritten from scratch in C++ Bug#514941: marked as done (ITP: libtest-prereq-perl -- check if Makefile.PL has the right pre-requisites) Bug#515077: marked as done (ITP: libclass-xsaccessor-array-perl -- implementation of fast XS accessors without runtime compilation) Bug#515141: marked as done (ITP: libmimic -- A video codec for Mimic V2.x content) Bug#515154: marked as done (ITP: gitg -- git repository viewer for gtk+/GNOME) Bug#515431: maintener for Povray Bug#515544: (no subject) Bug#515544: marked as done (ITA: scheme48 -- A simple, modular, and lightweight Scheme implementation) Bug#515564: marked as done (ITP: py-sendfile -- Python interface to sendfile(2)) Bug#515641: r-cran-epi_1.0.10-1_i386.changes REJECTED (fwd) Bug#515643: marked as done (ITP: r-cran-epibasix -- GNU R Elementary Epidemiological Functions) Bug#515644: marked as done (ITP: r-cran-epitools -- GNU R Epidemiology Tools for Data and Graphics) Bug#515646: r-cran-maptools_0.7.16-1_i386.changes REJECTED (fwd) Bug#515647: r-cran-surveillance_0.9.9-1_i386.changes REJECTED (fwd) Bug#515649: marked as done (ITP: r-cran-xtable -- GNU R coerce data to LaTeX and HTML tables) Bug#515783: marked as done (ITP: skype4py -- Skype API wrapper for Python) Bug#515850: RFP: mjpegtools - MJPEG video capture/editting/playback MPEG encoding Bug#515889: marked as done (ITA: mkelfimage -- utility to create ELF boot images from Linux kernel images) Bug#515971: Amazon Software License (ASL) is not DFSG free/open source Bug#516096: ITP: libibumad -- OpenFabrics Alliance InfiniBand umad (user MAD) library Bug#516183: Problem With Mootools Bug#516222: RFS: libnet - orphaning libnet Bug#516310: marked as done (ITP: python-django-tinymce -- Django app allowing the use of TinyMCE in forms) Bug#516330: marked as done (ITP: python-django-filebrowser -- file management in the Django admin interface) Bug#516333: marked as done (ITP: z88 -- Finite Element Analysis Program) Bug#516351: (no subject) Bug#516351: copyright and license refinement Bug#516351: ITP: see -- lightweight Linux text file and manpage viewer The last update was on 19:52 GMT Sat Jun 15. 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