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Bug#501106: ITP: ibus -- Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS


I second to the request. 

The ibus, Intelligent Input Bus, is the next generation of *CJK*
input server/platform. While SCIM is a well accepted input method
platform and features various input method engines for many
languages, it does suffer stability and compatibility problems from
time to time. What's worse is that, when it crashes, the whole X is

The ibus however, used the C/S architecture, which is more suitable
for the common input method platform. Moreover, it is mature, and
*already* support Japanese, Korean, as well as most of the famous
Chinese input method engines, with advanced intelligence build-in.

The ibus package is already packed in Ubuntu. Mr Daobing LI, the
original requester, is actively maintaining it. Mr Li is also the
maintainer of several other Debian packages like scim-python, etc.

All in all, The ibus is more than ready to be packed in Debian. All
he need is a debian upload SPONSOR.

Any one can help?


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