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Bug#492442: Pecl package is unmaintained since 2006/11

Fileinfo pecl package is unmaintained anymore [1] and Php team
announced that fileinfo is included in PHP 5.3.x release [2]. A
detailed procedure to build this pecl module with Debian way [3] is
generaly sufficient for having fileinfo support.

1: http://pecl.php.net/package/Fileinfo, moved to php-src/ext/fileinfo
2: http://qa.php.net/,  (5.3.0beta1 at this time)

I think that this bug can be assigned to php5 package and closed when
PHP 5.3.x will be included in sid.

In case if packaging of php-fileinfo is *really* needed, i could adopt
and work and it.


Guillaume Delacour

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