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Bug#515544: (no subject)

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 08:22:51AM -0800, Daniel Moerner wrote:
> I am willing to adopt scheme48. I currently maintain ypsilon, an
> R6RS Scheme interpreter that is waiting in NEW. Ypsilon only
> supports amd64 and x86; I still use scheme48 on my powerpc and armel
> machines.

Cool, let me know what you need from me to action that.

> I do have a couple of questions about the package:
> First, is there a reason why debian/scheme48.1 is shipped when
> doc/scheme48.man is present in the source?

I don't remember; I think it's just that upstream added a manpage and
I haven't removed the Debian-specific one yet.  The reasons for that
could be 1) I'm lazy; or 2) our manpage still contains more useful
information than upstream's.  I think (1) is more likely.

> Second, have:
>  bugfix-wait-for-child-eats-100%-cpu.diff
>  honor-destdir.diff
> been forwarded upstream?

Probably not; IIRC I inherited those from the previous maintainer
(Jorgen Schaefer, a.k.a. "forcer" on Freenode).  AFAIK I haven't
communicated with the s48 upstream maintainers at all.

> Third, is debian-user-name.diff needed?

IIRC the purpose of that patch is to say "built by Debian" instead of
"built by <currently logged in user>" when you boot scheme48.

> If this patch is necessary, I plan to change it to give the hostname
> of the buildd used to build the package, which is how emacs does
> it.

That seems reasonable to me.

> What would be the name presented if the patch wasn't applied?

Whoever is logged in at the time -- so probably something like "twb",
"Trent W. Buck" or most likely "root".  I don't remember if it uses
the UID or EUID.

> Fourth, I presume that pkg-scheme48 is a dead group?

I certainly have no involvement with it.  I think it was set up when
Jorgen was co-maintaining scheme48 with another DD (Emilio?).

> I would have no issue with starting a pkg-scheme group, or at least
> a way to coordinate scsh with scheme48.

scsh is also orphaned, because even back when I was using s48 I was
trying to drop my scsh dependencies.  You may wish to adopt scsh as
well :-)

> Thanks for orphaning a package that is not a mess.

You're welcome, although probably if I were you the first thing I'd do
is move it to dh(1) ;-)

> Have fun with Haskell!  (If I remember our IRC convo correctly...)

Right: most of my work is on Darcs at the moment (both as DM and with
upstream).  I'll probably also have to ITP a bunch of Haskell libs as
Darcs starts to rely less on in-house hacks and more on external
libraries... eek!

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