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Bug#504473: IFA: gputils -- GNU PIC utilities

Hi Aurelien,

New version of gputils was released last weekend, and I have
uploaded new gputils-0.13.7 package to debian.mentors.net.
It is available from

- http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/g/gputils/

Please check and proceed to a sponsor upload if the package seems OK.
Major changes in this package are:

- New upstream version (obviously).
  This version is needed and works with upcoming sdcc release.

- Removed PS/PDF files from gputils package, as they are
  included in gputils-doc package.

- General updates in debian/* to make it more lintian clean.

I have tested both build and installation to go cleanly on sid-amd64
and sid-i386, using pbuilder+aufs. Also, since mentors only allow
source package upload, I have uploaded generated binary packages on

- http://labs.aobac.net/debian/pool/local/g/

I'm not yet fully familiar with how official Debian packages are
uploaded, but please use these if that's convenient.

Best Regards,
Taisuke Yamada

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