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Bug#516351: ITP: see -- lightweight Linux text file and manpage viewer

MK wrote:
> Mark Eriksen (the upstream author) here.
> My desire for the binary and package name would be "seetxt", which I
> have not been able to find any conflicts by googling.

IMO, the best way to find conflicts is to use apt-file, not google.
For example:

$ apt-file search /usr/bin/see
blast2: /usr/bin/seedtop
emboss: /usr/bin/seealso
kannel: /usr/bin/seewbmp
mime-support: /usr/bin/see
outguess: /usr/bin/seek_script
seesat5: /usr/bin/seesat5

> I will probably then also use a softlink to the binary, "seeman", 
> which shouldn't conflict either.

What will be the difference between seeman and seetxt? What's the point of
having seetxt pointing to seeman?

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