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Bug#508009: how to install python 3 from source

Dear Kerne,

I came across the same problem that there are no python 3.0 packages
in Debian yet. I have bought the book "Visual Quickstart Guide,
Python, 2nd ed" by Toby Donaldson written strictly for python 3.0 so
many examples in the book do not work in python 2.x.

I figured out that it was not too difficult to compile python 3.0.1
from sources and install it under /usr/local/. By using make
altinstall instead of make install it coexists peacefully with the
Debian packaged python 2.5 packages. This setup enables you safely
play around with python 3.0.1 while still having python 2.x installed
for production use.

What I did is download the source from http://www.python.org/download
as described at http://wiki.debian.org/Python3?highlight=(python3).
Make sure for compilation you have all the necessary packages
installed. A good guide which packages are needed and how to combile I
have found at http://learnpython.wordpress.com/ (all packages
mentioned also install flawlessly on Debian 5.0 Lenny).

I hope this keeps you going with Python 3.0. You can now remove the
Ubuntu sources from your sources.list file and have a pure Debian
system again.

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