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Bug#450850: Update

Ok the latest story on this is as follows.

The original mozlib code that used the Mozilla xulrunner core got to a
stage where it was basicly usable, when working with xulrunner-1.8 code
base. xulrunner-1.9 has completely broken the API and the mozlib code no
longer works and it appears that it extremely difficult even to make it
work ever again with xulrunner-1.9 +. Upstream did try to contact
mozilla but this kind of embedding is not a priority for them so they
were not really interested.

Upstream has now abandoned mozilla/xulrunner in favour of webkit, in
particular the qt4 flavour of the webkit implementation. Currently this
version I have functional, and it can be built in to a debian package on
lenny or sid and used successfully, but with some bugs still.

I'm keeping my debian build details here

A current list of bugs against the webkit build can be seen here

I'm going to keep updating my git tree with the latest releases of
upstreams code but its not really fit for a package until some of these
MOZ-XX bugs are squashed on the above jira issue tracker. But this is
being actively worked on now. There are a large number of very recent
bugs because upstream has just passed the code to there Q/A department
for a first parse so these should start to be knocked off one by one soon.


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