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Bug#412610: O: gdb-m68hc1x -- GNU Debugger for the Motorola 68HC11/12 processors


I'm planning to make an ITA on gdb-m68hc1x Debian package, and
Aurelien Jarno suggested to contact you as you're maintaining
other *-m68hc1x packages (I asked Aurelien if he could sponsor
me as he happens to sponser me and he was the maintainer of the

It seems you once submitted ITA for this package, but it's now
orphaned for about a year while other m68hc1x packages are
under your maintenance. Is there any reason for this? Would it
be OK if I submit an ITA?

Best Regards,
Taisuke Yamada

> On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 08:48:06PM +0900, Taisuke Yamada wrote:
>> Hi Aurelien,
> Hi,
>> I noticed gdb-m68hc1x Debian package is an orphan, and
>> also noticed you were the former maintainer of the package.
> True.
>> I'm going to propose for an adpotion, and I thought if you
>> could sponsor me just like gputils package. Could you be
>> my sponsor for this package also?
> Yes, I am fine with that. You may also want to contact Arthur Loiret, as
> he has adopted the other *m68hc1x packages.
>> I still have many HCS12s around and I actually have more updated
>> code for this since I recently merged target code for TBDML pod.
>> I'm planning to submit a patch to upstream, but I'd also like to
>> have updated binary included in Debian.
> If you have the corresponding hardware, it's even better.
> Best regards,
> Aurelien

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