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Bug#498396: Interest in co-maintaining argyll

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On Fri, Mar 06, 2009 at 02:31:51PM +0100, Roland Mas wrote:
>Jonas Smedegaard, 2009-03-06 14:03:52 +0100 :
>>>  As for git, I like it less and less as time passes.
>> Please elaborate (or refer to some details somewhere).
>> I am curious to know your reasons - even if you do not want to 
>> discuss them: I want to learn :-)
>  I find it obscure, and I don't like to have to wrap my head around 
>git's concepts when all I want is a VCS.  I don't want to know what a 
>blob is or what hoops to jump through when all I want is to incorporate 
>commits from another branch.  I acknowledge many people find it very 
>powerful, and I tend to agree, I just dislike the way it constantly 
>reminds me of its presence.

Perhaps I will agree with you after working some more with Bazaar. :-)

>>>  As for CDBS, I don't like it much, but the good news is that it 
>>>shouldn't be needed anyway.  The current debian/rules file is mostly 
>>>standard Debhelper stuff, with very little additions, and I'm pretty 
>>>sure it could be reduced to a handful of lines with Debhelper 7.
>> There is more to CDBS than simplifying debhelper.
>  I guess so, but does it bring anything here?

  * help ensure properly maintained debian/copyright

  * help maintain (build-)dependencies

  * help pull upstream tarballs, including repackaging non-DFSG ones

  * help setup build routines, including multi-flavored builds

Haven't look at the actual package so can't say if any of above is 
relevant here specifically.

>> Do I need something installed in addition to the "bzr" package?
>  Ah, yes, for some reason HTTP doesn't work nice with the default 
>implementation in bzr 1.5.  You can install python-pycurl (which fixes 

Ah, thanks. Works now. :-)

I see now that bzr suggests that package. Would it perhaps make sense to 
recommend it instead, or would you say that most users of Bazaar won't 
need HTTP client support?

>>>  If you can live with bzr, I'll probably set up a shared repository, 
>>>either in a dedicated Alioth project or under pkg-phototools.
>> A year ago I would have declined. Now that I have wrapped my mind 
>> around git I have a feeling I can grasp other distributed VCS'es too.
>> In other words: YES! Let's go for it!
>  Great :-) Except I'm going on holiday for a week, which means lots of 
>unexpected and obviously urgent work is heading my way *today* (of 
>course).  So I encourage you to play with the package, make changes and 
>patches, and I'll set up the shared repo when I'm back.

No problem.  I have a bunch of work myself - I hope to sneak in som time 
to play with Bazaar and this package.

If I find myself resonably comfortable with Bazaar I might even add some 
CDBS enhancements (in a separate branch) for you to look at (but again: 
tell me if you know ahead that it is of no interest, so I won't waste 
time pursuing a dead end).

Ping me when you are ready to work more on this :-)

  - Jonas

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